The SPUTNIK V vaccine was found by Gamaleya National research institute, Moscow, Russia. The covid-19 vaccine SPUTNIK V [ Gam-COVID-vac ] is an adenoviral-based two-part vaccine against the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus. SPUTNIK V uses weakened viruses to deliver small parts of pathogens and stimulate an immune response. It is a vector vaccine based on adenovirus DNA in which SARS – COV -2 coronavirus gene is integrated.

Third vaccine launch in INDIA; when and how much all you need to know? 

                     Deepak Sapra, the CEO of API and services at Dr. Reddy’s laboratories, which are manufacturing the Russian vaccine in India, confirmed the launch of the SPUTNIK V vaccine on Friday. It is the second most expensive vaccine to be launched in India as it has been priced at rupees 995.40, including goods and service tax. As the Russian vaccine is also to be manufactured in India, No word on pricing for the India-made shots yet, but the company aims to cut input costs as much as possible to offer it at the lowest price. A company has said the production of enough vaccines is expected to begin in mid-June. “We are pleased to announce that the first consignment of 1,50,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine has landed in Hyderabad from Russia,” said Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories CEO-API and Services Deepak Sapra. 

When will the SPUTNIK V be available? 

Since it has to be stored at a temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius, the vaccine will be available in 35 cities across India. As the tests are underway for keeping the wax in between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, and if results are favorable, a wide rollout is expected but faster. Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the Russian sovereign wealth fund that has funded the vaccine, has signed pacts with five Indian companies to produce 850 million doses. The doses will not only be made in India but also exported to third countries. Between June 2021 to March 2022, around 238 million doses will be produced in the country. India is also expected to get 11 million doses in the form of fill and finish. After getting clearance from the Drug regulator in the country, the vaccine was finally launched in the country on Friday. The first dose of the vaccine was administered to an adult in Hyderabad on Friday. 


●    COVISHEILD, manufactured by the serum institute of India, costs rupees 300 per dose and rupees 600 in private hospitals. International clinical trials of COVISHEILD have shown 90 % efficiency when people are given half doors and then full dose.

● A 24-year-old vaccine maker manufactures COVAXIN with a portfolio of 16 vaccines and exports to 123 countries – BHARAT BIOTECH used a sample of coronavirus, isolated by India’s National Institute of virology. The Covaxin is priced at rupees 600 for a single dose and 1200 rupees for private hospitals. COVAXIN has 81 percentage efficiency as for the final trials.


        ACCORDING TO A PUBLICATION IN A SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL, SPUTNIK V has an efficiency of 91.6%, The Lancet. In real-world data, SPUTNIK V compares ” very very favorable” with other global vaccines and is among the top two.

Denis Logunov, deputy director of the Gamaleya research centre, said that a study has shown the SPUTNIK V vaccine is working well against new coronavirus mutations. Experts have said SPUTNIK V will be more effective in India. Yes, four deaths are reported after the vaccination trials, but the deaths are not related to the vaccination. As a total of 20000 volunteers have participated in the three trials of the SPUTNIK V vaccine, the study found no strong allergies caused by Sputnik V.

                       Sources :- NDTV , THE INDIAN EXPRESS , THE HINDU

Written by – R Mohamed Irfan

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