New Oil Discovery in Bengal

For 60 years, ONGC had tried to find oil in the Bengal basin. The Bengal basin, especially the Sundarbans region, was believed to contain vast mineral oil reserves. However, drilling more than 150 wells in various areas proved futile. Finally, the oil search at Ashoknagar, 45 km northeast of Kolkata, showed promising results. The oilContinue reading “New Oil Discovery in Bengal”


       The SPUTNIK V vaccine was found by Gamaleya National research institute, Moscow, Russia. The covid-19 vaccine SPUTNIK V [ Gam-COVID-vac ] is an adenoviral-based two-part vaccine against the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus. SPUTNIK V uses weakened viruses to deliver small parts of pathogens and stimulate an immune response. It is a vector vaccine basedContinue reading “RUSSIAN VACCINE; SPUTNIK V”

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