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Make body positivity the “mantra” of your life!

Body shaming is known as an act, action or a practice of subjecting someone to criticism, expressing humiliation or mockery for supposed body faults, shape and imperfections such as body weight, height and other natural factors and this can lead to a vicious cycle of judgement and criticism. Unfortunately, body shaming occurs in all shapes, size, age and gender and this a form of bullying that can result to severe trauma and mental disorders especially at a young age. The media has commonly described obese or fat characters as the running joke which results in severe manifestation of Self-Doubt.

In our society, Body Shaming is present in many forms –

  1. Criticizing your own appearance through comparing oneself with another person.
  2. Arraign someone’s appearance on their face.
  3. Censure someone’s appearance without their knowledge.

In some cases the person who criticizes the weakness of other person may not know they are making fun of them. It may be completely done out of innocence. However, in other cases, the person may be aware of another person’s insecurities and faults and intentionally points them out, publicly or not. This both can be shameful and disheartening.  

Love and accept Yourself! Body positivity is the GOAL!!

Body Shaming’s impacts on our health –

When people of all ages, both young and age, experience some type of body shaming, our mental health can suffer. Some of the issues that may develop because of body shaming includes –

  1. Eating disorders –

Body Shaming can lead to eating disorders like anorexia (The act of refusing to eat), bulimia (the act of binging and purging) etc. which can lead to dehydration, constipation, under nourishment, irregular menstrual cycle and other similar effects.

  • Depression –

This can increase in feelings of low self-esteem, self-worth and Self Image and overthinking about this can culminate into isolating oneself and can develop into a state of Depression.

  • Social Anxiety –

When you are publicly bullied, the natural response would be to avoid yourself in these situation and this can force them to isolate oneself and avoiding social interaction. 

Be kind to oneself. Spread BODY POSITIVITY.

Body Shaming has a serious mental and physical impact on an individual, young or old and this reason is enough to understand why bullying someone else’s appearance is not appropriate or kind.

Here are some ways to overcome body shaming:

1) Surround yourself with Body Positive People
No one has ever felt uplifted by negative people. Surround yourself with optimistic, positive and loving people.
2) Read Body – Positive Books
Surrounding yourself with uplifting words is just as important as surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting people.
3) Do something that makes you feel beautiful
Treat Yourself and do something that makes you feel beautiful and happy.
4) Love Yourself

Robert Morley once said “To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness”, It is nearly impossible to spread love and light if you don’t sparkle those things on yourself.
Staying fit and healthy is one thing, but trying to fit into standards of other people that are defined by unreal parameters can lead to an even unhealthier life and body – physically, mentally, and socially.


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