What is the purpose of our life?

We are born, suffer and die.

Sooner or later, the few people that cherish our memories depart as well and almost every proof of our existence is wiped off the face of Earth. Then what is the point of living? What is the use of feeling such joy and ecstasy or frustration and desolation?

The purpose of life has always been a probing question for every great philosopher, so who am I to answer? And honestly, there is nothing behind any of this other than some goddamn teenage angst.

To be or not to be, that is the question, they say. But is it? Maybe we don’t need to know the reason for our being. “You will never live if you keep looking for the meaning of life, ” said Albert Camus and rightly so. It could be quite unsatisfactory, but not much can be done about it either.

We can only try and experience the grandeur of existence. That is because we never really think about why we are alive when we are fully, truly happy. And perhaps try to make a difference no matter how negligible a man’s place in the cosmos is. Little things DO make a big difference. We can always strive to bring about a positive change in someone else’s life, to be kind, empathetic, helpful, but most of all, content with oneself.

we die once but we live everyday. Try to cherish each and every second. Explore what you want in your life. Never upset from today’s failure. Take a lesson from it. A better tomorrow is waiting for you to make the life meaningful. Do not quit until you fulfill your aim. Every life is unique in their own way. Make it great in every possible way.

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