Is Freelance Industry that easy as shown?

If you want to make a mark in life, it is obvious that you will have to face hurdles and obstacles. Nothing great in this world can be without sacrifice. You have to sacrifice your leisure time for learning something new. You have to reduce spending time playing games to focus on your studies. Similarly, when it comes to your work life, you need to balance it with your personal life. The post-Covid period has witnessed a huge rise in entrepreneurship and the freelance industry. People became more aware than before, realizing the importance of e themselves and being independent. The freelance industry especially has seen a bigger boom as youngsters stepped into the industry to ace it with their skills.

Freelance means working for yourself, at any place, with the freedom to choose your time and work type. This is what attracted most people to kick-start their freelance journey. The ideal definition of freelancing showcased and displayed in the limelight is tempting and appealing. Once you get working in the industry, you will realize it is no less than any job, entrepreneurship, or business. You face ups and downs. At times you might not even lose clients. You may have to work day and night to finish off your tasks, meeting the deadlines, repurposed the drafts, and numerous changes required by your prospects.

“Work is worship” is what we all hear. We tend to assume that work is a typical 9-5 job, lavish corporate offices, or your own business. Work is work, no matter how small or big, and every work has hardships. Freelancing is another term used for freedom nowadays. Definitely, to unleash freedom, the obstacle in the way actually becomes your way, only when you are fair enough with yourself to push yourself up. Nothing looks the same when showcased. You have to step in and experience. These experiences make you bold enough to keep going throughout the journey to grow out, and that’s when you feel ‘easy’ is just meant for the display. What actually makes it easy is your willingness to work.

Written by – Sonali (© Copyright Protected)

How to manage studies and work life as a student?

Life has seen a tremendous change in the past two years. Something that couldn’t even be imagined happened so suddenly within a fraction of a second, completely changing human life. No doubt the Covid-19 lead us more closer to the digital and techno world.

Not only working professionals but also students and non-professional individuals started adapting to the techno era. Slowly and gradually, laptops and mobiles have taken up a huge space in our lives with time and pace.

Especially as a student, these electronics have become a necessity as this is the only source to take the education further. Even students have taken up their responsibilities to upgrade themselves and level up their skills. Along with studies, they are now working individuals too. Many of them are either working interns and managing their studies or working upon their start-up along with studies.

At times managing both of them in a single go becomes difficult, and students feel stressed. This tends to reduce the working capacity mentally as well as physically. To avoid mental breakdowns and get rid of stressful situations, here are a few tips and tricks that will benefit the students. This will not only help them to balance their work-life and studies simultaneously but also help them to level up their productivity.

1) Exercise – Regular exercise, even if practiced daily for 20 minutes, will totally help get energized and boost their minds.
2) You can practice meditation and journaling. These are the proven methods to keep yourself cool and calm.
3) Take short walks in the sun. Studies show that Vitamin D increases a positive and focused mood.
4) Laugh, smile, and spend time with family and friends.
5) Take breaks – A whole day just work will reduce your creativity. Thus take short naps and breaks in between.
6) Practice self-talk and self discussion. Speak positive affirmations to yourself- “this too shall pass” or “I can handle this.”
7) Ask for help – The most underrated yet important thing that students ignore is asking for help. They feel this might make them feel inferior or small, they will be made fun of, and people will laugh at them if they approach people for help. But the truth is when you ask someone for help, it builds up your community and networking. People feel trustworthy and happy that you asked them out!

Remember, anything can be solved when we communicated and speak. Along with work and studies, proper mental health is important. Mental well-being affects a person emotionally and physically as well. Thus, these easy peasy and go-to tricks will help students be calm, focused, peaceful, and relaxed, enabling them to perform well in academics and work life.

Written by – Sonali Sharma (© Copyright Protected)

Fake Vaccination Drives

Vaccination drives are going on all over the country to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Most cities and villages in India have started vaccination drives by both the public and private sectors. Government vaccination camps are more in number and are of particular interest to those who do not want or can not afford to pay a hefty price as charged in private companies. However, some Government officials have also resorted to providing fake vaccination for a greater income. Let us discuss in this article how and where this has happened.

Kolkata and Mumbai are two big cities where there are proven records of fake vaccination drives. Kolkata and Mumbai are the most densely populated cities in India, and also lie in the epicentre of Covid-19 spread in India. So fake vaccination drives in these cities are unlikely to prevent a third Covid-19 wave which may prove even more disastrous for the country than the previous waves.

In Mumbai, more than 2000 people have been given fake vaccines by several private players in different areas of the city. Till now 13 arrests have been made by the Mumbai police in connection with fake camps. Mahendra Pratap Singh and Manish Tripathi are said to be the main culprit in this scam. All fake vaccines are supplied from Shivam Hospital in Kandivali West, whose owners, Shivraj Pataria and Nita Pataria, have been arrested. Shivam Hospital reportedly received some Covishield doses from the BMC and some empty vials all of which were handed to the vaccine camp organizers, who have made fake vaccines out of it.

In Kolkata, an even greater scam was unearthed connected to one individual, Debanjan Das, and some TMC officials. Debanjan Das went beyond belief to raise his treasury with a fake IAS claim, fake joint commissioner of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) identity, issuing fake tenders and running a fake Kolkata Urban Planning office. He earned crores of rupees in the name of KMC and from fake vaccines. The scam came to light when ruling TMC MP from the same area, Mimi Chakraborty, was invited by Deb to take vaccine shots. Mimi was alerted when she didn’t receive any SMS from Aragya Setu after getting vaccinated, and she launched a probe in this matter. Deb was found to supply Amikacin, a simple antibiotic for several bacterial infections in the vaccine shots. Deb managed to fake the vaccine bottles and their stickers, and also tricked several firms by forging signatures of many senior officials and ministers.

It is shocking, to say the least, how some scammers are playing with the lives of so many people. Fake vaccine recipients, if not identified at the earliest, may not be saved in case a third wave of Covid-19 arrives. While vaccination can provide immunity to most of the public, it may have a severe effect on people not vaccinated. As restrictions get eased, Covid-19 is most likely to turn up, affecting those not vaccinated. Fake vaccines will prove disastrous for such persons. It is highly recommended follow-up for a possible fake vaccination drive in your area, check whether you receive a message from the Government regarding vaccination, check your Aragya Setu app about current status and vaccination, do cross-check and verify the authorization of the centre or camp, and do not believe in rumours. Most camps and centres are providing real authorised vaccines, hence don’t be afraid to get vaccinated. Vaccination can save your life from future Covid-19 infection, hence do take the vaccine at the earliest from your nearest authorized vaccination centre.

Written by – Himadri Paul


Understanding and love- these two simple words hold the power to change lives when put into action. How often does it happen that a bad day transforms into a good one just by a random act of kindness done by someone? Quite often, right? In most cases, the person who does that random act isn’t even aware of how big in magnitude it is and how deeply it affects the receiver. An act of kindness never goes to waste as you never know when YOU are the person needing it and a random stranger returns it to you. This is what happens when we are compassionate to other people. Understanding that everyone is going through something they don’t talk about and showing them some kindness, empathy, and love is the very fabric of internal human goodness and history, is a testament to it, for how many things wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the thread of understanding and love that binds the human race. Even the coldest and most indifferent of souls can be changed when treated with love, who knows that the lack of love and understanding from fellow humans was the very thing that turned them the way they are now. Dalai Lama once said “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” Empathy is to our heart what spices are to food. We can survive without it but life would be so better with it. We get what we put into this world. And if it is love and compassion that we radiate, we sure get it back resulting in a win-win situation, both for ourselves and the people around us. Love and compassion are the only antidotes to our bitter emotions, making us the best version of ourselves. If only we treated fellow humans just like we treat our golden retrievers, the would be such a better place!

Written by – Radhika Ahuja

If today was the last day of my life, what I am going to do today?

This famous Steve Job’s question is one of the most outstanding questions ever asked. “If today was the last day of my life, would I do what I am about to do today?” Not many of us may have an answer to this million-dollar question. We are so busy in everyday life that we forget that our main aim is to simplify our lives. We are so occupied in our profession that we forget to devote time to what we love, our family, our friends, and ourselves.

No one knows how much time they have left on this planet. So do the thing you fear, and the fear will disappear. In modern lives, this fear is called risk. If you aim to enjoy life rather than making money, you have already taken the biggest and the best risk. Many are so desperate to make money that they forget about their families, aging parents, young kids, loving neighbors, and their developing interests.

No one on the deathbed will ever regret that they took risks at a particular point in life. Instead, it is better to take risks, for you don’t know when your life ends. It is better than going and doing what you fear instead of thinking about what would have happened if you faced the fear. To live a great life, you have to take risks; calculated risks.

This is what the question asks, whether you will regret the chances you have taken or those you didn’t take. Without daring, there is no success. If you succeed after you dare, well and good. But if otherwise, you will have gained the experience. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, said that the one thing one might regret is not trying.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. The best way to answer the doubts is to do the things you doubt. You will get all the answers. This is the mantra for overcoming your fears. The limitations you have made for yourself will become the chains that will prevent you from being the ultimate person you were born to be.

You never know when is your fateful day, so you need to stop procrastination and start an action. You need not differentiate between work and enjoyment; instead, make your work the delight. Your family, your home, and your soul love you. You will never regret devoting time to them.

Live life every day as if it was your last day. You are born for a reason. Make sure you do justice to yourself. Don’t let the resource in you go waste. Lastly, don’t just exist; live.

After deep thought, I ask you whether you have the answer to this brilliant question? If yes, you are on the right path; if no, you can always be.

Written by – Arnav Kumar

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