Some Popular Podcast Series

Nowadays, podcast is a popular way of expressing your perspectives and listening to a different perspective. If your someone fond of listening to podcasts then here are some suggestions for you.

1) The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial and Cast Media: This podcast is for anyone desiring motivation, direction and focuses on life.

2) The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor: This podcast helps you to cultivate some amazing life habits and make your day more productive.

3) The Ranveer Show: This podcast believes that life is a process of learning and adds value to your life. They organize a wonderful talk show with worlds famous personalities. We can learn and get new ideas from this podcast.

4) Curiosity Daily: This podcast is an amazing collection of work which makes you realize what happens around you and makes you smarter about the world around you.

5 ) On Purpose with Jay Shetty: This is a wonderful podcast series which makes you find your purpose for life, and helps you find your passion.

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Written by – Sahithya

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