Qualitative Learning versus Quantitative Learning

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice”

It is truly said that education is the most powerful tool to enlighten and empower the mind and to change the world. It is an effective way to fight poverty & illiteracy.

Education dispels ignorance & darkness from minds and stimulates us to think better. We must stress good quality, sound education. One must pay attention to the individual needs and impart knowledge as every person is unique so that he can be a champion in his field of passion. As a society, we can only prosper if encourage and nurture individual talents and interests and not force things upon people.

Quantitative education involves voluminous academic material, but awakening & stimulation of the mind is not in proportion. It encourages rote learning and massive course without thinking about their relevance and practicality. It promotes ‘herd behaviour’ which results in people learning things they don’t want to just because they are being told to. Education and learning become burdensome and monotonous after a period of time. Rote learning results in students mugging things up a few days before the exams and then letting it all out on the examination day resulting in them forgetting all the information once and for all. This defeats the purpose of learning itself! All students should be discouraged to do role mugging and initiate the process of original thinking.

Effective learning is only possible when attention is paid to quality & not quantity. Education is made interactive and interesting by stressing qualitative learning by talking about it in a fun and interactive way, making it relatable and easy to remember. THIS is what true learning is! Learning is a lifelong process and this truly justifies that.

Written by – Sushmitra Dahal

Top strategies of all the toppers follow in common

Do you know why some people always top the class? Well, they are the ones who do not just depend on the robust and unorganized training and most of them follow some strategies in common. In the next 3-4 minutes, let’s have a look at all of them…

Make your first go, worth it.

Have you ever wondered about the extreme clarity that they possess?

The trick behind that is to get it right the first time when you learn the concept.

In this world of extreme globalization, we have many resources to learn. But we need to consume the content from the most reliable educator when we learn it for the first time.

Because once you are good with the concept the next time when you try to revise the concepts get stronger whereas once you are struck with any topic it takes so long to bring your brain out of that loop of confusion…

Follow your notes

This seems to be a difficult task to many out there as most of them lend the notes of others before the exams while preparing for the examinations… but that’s not at all a good move. Have you ever seen the topper lending the notes from others?

They usually don’t!

 Because they do prepare their notes well in advance which will fetch them a good grip on the concept while preparation

Study smart not hard

Do you think toppers spend all the time studying and revising?

The answer to this question is a big NO.

If you wanna top the class you do not necessarily need to read all day. You just need to study smart. I know the immediate question that comes to your mind is “But, what do you mean by smart?”

A famous economist Vilfredo Pareto coined the famous Pareto’s Principle or 80:20 ratio. This is a great technique to use when we have too many things to do and we need to choose a few of them. So, according to Pareto’s principle – about 70-80% of your questions will come from 20- 30 percent of your syllabus. And toppers secretly find out what that 20-30% most important component is. Haha!! Hold on guys, I did not mean that toppers do have a secret agent in the examination department who is likely to send them the important topics. They analyze the past year’s question papers and come to a conclusion about what all topics they need to cover inorder to score well.

Wrap before you sleep

Have you ever wondered about the way toppers respond in class?

Yeah! You are right, even that has a small trick behind it, they do rewind everything that happens in the class before hitting the bed which helps them to actively participate in the discussion of the next class…

Sometimes, they even end up having dreams wherein they answer all the questions in the upcoming class. Isn’t that interesting? Let’s move on to the next strategy.

Take a pause

Have you ever experienced that you forget the previous topic in quest of learning the new?

Oh! My dear, you are not the only one facing this problem. Our brains require some sort of time to process and link the information that we load into them. But the biggest mistake that we make is not giving our brain enough time to process.

We need to take a pause after reading each and every topic and make sure that the previous topics are linked with the present one.

Stop being tedious

Ok, I understand! study itself is tedious for most of them out there.

But this is the time that you need to change your thought process.

Most of the researches shows that people remember humorous things more vividly and for a longer duration of time due to less amount of anxiety and reduced negative emotions. So, try to interlink the concepts with some humorous stuff which will help you in retaining the concept for a longer time.

Image result for strategies to top

I hope, this article brought you insights about the strategies followed by all the toppers, and now it’s time to take action as just looking at things doesn’t make any significant change…

 Now it’s time for dynamic moves…

Happy learning!


1) List down your habits.
As you are planning to have a side hustle remember that it should never be a burden to you; instead, you should enjoy it. So make sure you make a side hustle which makes you feel refreshed.
2) Write down why you want to hustle?
Asking this question before starting your journey is crucial. Your intention will always be your only
motivation and make you stick to your hustle. So, make sure you write your intention before going ahead.
3) Think if it is adding value to your life?
Whatever you do in life should add value to your life and make you a better individual. Every day should be a learning process, and your side hustle should make you learn more and more skills.
4) Research whether it can pay you or not?
Make sure there is demand in the market for your hobby. Explore and surf all platforms to find whether your hobby can pay you or not. If yes, then go-ahead. If no, think about whether you can create something new or valuable thing, from which people get benefited, and you get paid as well.
5) Work on it.
The last but crucial step is to work on it. There is no perfect beginning. It’s just you need to start to become perfect. So don’t self-doubt; instead, believe that you can do it and work for it.
Follow these simple steps to get paid for your hobby.
Now, why late? Just start your journey off with your side hustle.

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Written by – Sahithya

Some Popular Podcast Series

Nowadays, podcast is a popular way of expressing your perspectives and listening to a different perspective. If your someone fond of listening to podcasts then here are some suggestions for you.

1) The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial and Cast Media: This podcast is for anyone desiring motivation, direction and focuses on life.

2) The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor: This podcast helps you to cultivate some amazing life habits and make your day more productive.

3) The Ranveer Show: This podcast believes that life is a process of learning and adds value to your life. They organize a wonderful talk show with worlds famous personalities. We can learn and get new ideas from this podcast.

4) Curiosity Daily: This podcast is an amazing collection of work which makes you realize what happens around you and makes you smarter about the world around you.

5 ) On Purpose with Jay Shetty: This is a wonderful podcast series which makes you find your purpose for life, and helps you find your passion.

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Written by – Sahithya

Cyber World- A boon or a bane?

We all are well aware about today’s generation’s attraction towards the cyber world from adults to the children everyone enjoys the benefits they are getting from the internet. It is a way of receiving information and sharing it to the world. The whole world becomes a global village due to the cyber world. It links the people staying far away from each other and making communication easier through social media.

Students use the internet for learning purposes for entertainment and for innovation whereas adults use it for their official works hence the internet is a boon for everyone but it affects on both ends, good or bad especially for the teenagers who are among the heaviest users of social media. When they indulge themselves in immoral activities on social media gateway and share futile and obscene information on the internet. The negative use of internet affects many lives resulting in cases like threatening, murder and suicide not only this but also according to the research it is found that forty-five per cent of the population access the cyber world above two hours per day which harms their studies and other activities on the other hand. Hence the cyber world has its own positive and negative effects which totally depends upon the users whether they will treat it as a boon or a bane.

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Written by Sukanya Chanda