The state of Education, Today!

Education is no more a noble cause. It has become a business or we can say it has become commercialized now. Educational institutes have now grown up in every nook and corner just like weeds. With the advent of a large number of private institutions, the agenda of education has become more privatised. The education system has become a commodification in recent times.

Our state education system, as well as the country’s, is lacking in vocational education which is important for student’s learning and doing. Our current system of education is based on stiff competition resulting in a mental depression in the student’s mind. Careful planning for systematic education for all the children irrespective of gender, caste and creed is the need of the hour. Higher education should be accessible to all. The sad part about today’s education system is that it focuses more on the students’ grades than their learning process. The teachers, being impartial should open up to each and every student in class whether they are good or bad in studies. Students should be encouraged not discouraged. If we can make the educational institutes a better place for learning rather than making it a field of competition then we can bring the change. Today’s students are tomorrow’s future in our country.

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Written by Sukanya Chanda

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