LIFE JOURNEY Between- Human being or Being human

As defined in a scientific perspective, the meaning of human beings is a man, woman, or child of the species. Homo sapiens, and different from other animals by advanced mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance. This definition explains how the human species differ from other animal species. It describes the three significant differences between humans’ and animals’ proper stance, language skills, and mental development.

When a word changes its place, its meaning do. The words are same but its meaning..!! The meaning, it completely differs from each other.

All of us are HUMANS but only few of us are BEING HUMAN. A simple thing can differentiate us between Human Being and Being Human.

Being human can be defined as displaying characteristics that are unique to human beings. This can be analyzed from a philosophical perspective and in a thoughtful analysis of oneself. The meaning of being human can vary from one person to another.

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I believe that being human is not enough unless you are ready to sacrifice your own needs and make efforts in providing the one who needs them more than you. It is like creating magic in bringing light to someone else’s life. For example, one might think that being human means showing humane qualities like kindness, empathy, generosity etc. Another might think that being human is the ability to choose between right and wrong while yet another think that being human is displaying all natural human characteristics like anger, pity, jealousy, love etc.

Be the reason for happiness in one’s life. The most significant gift one can get is self-satisfaction and giving credit to God, who made you the source of bringing magic into someone else’s life.

“Do not let the roles you play in life make you forget you are human.”


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