Global Food Crisis 2022

For the past 2-3 months, the world is seeing a global food crisis like never before. Sri Lanka is by far the worst country to be affected by the global food crisis. Afghanistan and Myanmar are also driven by their extremist leaders towards self-isolation, leading the majority of the population towards below poverty-line. Ukraine isContinue reading “Global Food Crisis 2022”


Understanding and love- these two simple words hold the power to change lives when put into action. How often does it happen that a bad day transforms into a good one just by a random act of kindness done by someone? Quite often, right? In most cases, the person who does that random act isn’tContinue reading “THE ESSENTIAL GOODNESS IN A HUMAN BEING CAN BE AWAKENED THROUGH UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE”

LIFE JOURNEY Between- Human being or Being human

As defined in a scientific perspective, the meaning of human beings is a man, woman, or child of the species. Homo sapiens, and different from other animals by advanced mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance. This definition explains how the human species differ from other animal species. It describes the three significantContinue reading “LIFE JOURNEY Between- Human being or Being human”

Marginalisation of Eunuchs

Marginalisation, the word itself coveys to us a deep and thoughtful message. Margin means an edge of something. We know that an edge consists of a small portion or a small area. Margin though gives a completion to a project but is never given much importance. It seems to be excluded. Similar is the situationContinue reading “Marginalisation of Eunuchs”

Draupadi-The eternal being!

Draupadi asked “Why only me, Govind?” Krishna answered “What happened in Hastinapur was not your karma but the response you will give to that event will definitely become your karma!” In the game of dice, not only properties and humans but also humanity was put at stake. The ones who maintained silence were equally guiltyContinue reading “Draupadi-The eternal being!”

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