Draupadi-The eternal being!

Draupadi asked “Why only me, Govind?”

Krishna answered “What happened in Hastinapur was not your karma but the response you will give to that event will definitely become your karma!”

In the game of dice, not only properties and humans but also humanity was put at stake. The ones who maintained silence were equally guilty like the culprits. She was humiliated, beaten up, and insulted but not a single person took a stand for her. She was right that how can a person who lost himself in the game, have the right to bet on her? Still, nobody had the answer. What kind of a Dharma was it that some people tried to undress a girl? She howled and screamed and still, nobody came to support her as the ‘Great-souls’ were tied with the bond of Dharma. Is that what Dharma teaches us to let a girl face injustice? So many questions arise in our mind when we talk about the “Cheer-Haran incident” But at that period of time, many questions were raised against her character.

Draupadi was that pure soul who lived up to the environment, full of impurities. But she was as pure as fire. She was the symbol of strength and purity. She was that lotus which bloomed proudly in the filth. She set an example for the upcoming generations that if somebody tries to harm the holiness of a woman then the person is characterless not the woman. The soul of a woman symbolizes her purity and her self-respect and confidence are the ornaments which she wears. By undressing her in front of the society you can’t take off her pride. In the game of dice ‘Adharm’ took place in the name of ‘Dharam’.

What oath is this which becomes shackles for you?

What duty is this which forced you to remain silent?

What Dharma is this which permits you to let a woman get insulted? Tolerating a crime is equally a crime as committing it. That day all were guilty who stood there and saw all this evil happening. That day, Draupadi was not undressed, but the whole of mankind was undressed. Born out of the fire, distributed among the five husbands, humiliated in front of the society but still was pure as her soul was pure. She is Draupadi for you. She’s the one who never let herself fall weak, the one who promised to fight for womanhood. The sole reason for the ‘Dharmayudh’ Draupadi led the fight against injustice along with the five Pandavas. But today, it’s our turn. Like that day still, the character of a woman is a question mark. Still, a woman’s respect is being harmed. For this, did she let the battle happen? Like that day, the wrong deeds of evil get hidden in the name of the law. That day also everyone was silent, today also. We all worship Goddess but do we ever respect them, if we did, then we would not humiliate the women for their clothes, for their choices, and for their freedom. Why should each and every decision be taken in the interest of the family, what about their own happiness have we ever thought about it? From childhood, all their concern should be towards her family, then after marriage, their husband’s family, and then their children. Has anyone ever asked what you want? They dedicate their whole life to their families yet get judged by society. Why do they need to be careful, why after getting assaulted, they have to hide their faces, not the demons who did a terrible job? Women are caged and are forbidden to fly. No matter how much we talk about modernization and education, until and unless the mindsets of society change, females will be insulted and dominated. There’s a Draupadi in every woman, so never discourage her for her capabilities.

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Written by Sukanya Chanda

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