What is Real Feminism?

Feminism is the theory of political, economic, and social equality of the sexes, also known as ~gender equality~. It is a simple notion that women are people, and they are equal. It isn’t asking for anything but equal rights and opportunities. However, more often than not, its meaning gets manipulated by male chauvinists to indicate that it’s a moment meant to demean men, which is so not the case.

In no way does it mean that we hate our men. Men of quality support equality. Both conscious and unconscious gender bias is rampant within us, and to get rid of it, we need to come to terms with the fact that we are the problem, but we are the solution.

Thousands believe in equal rights but find “feminism” a word and a movement that doesn’t align with their personal believes or values. May I ask them why is that? Don’t we have a word for everything in this world? In what way could a word that is just conveying its meaning be offending to someone? You believe in equality but not in feminism is a catastrophe because they aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s common sense. It just asks women to be placed on the same level as men, neither higher nor lower, and get the same treatment in both positive and negative situations.

It strives to shine a light on the deep-rooted patriarchy and misogyny embedded in our society and provides ways to fix it. It is essential that your feminism is intersectional and doesn’t exclude people based on their religion, race, and socio-economic status. It needs to be for everyone and not categorically for the people you like or dislike. A big part of feminism is letting women do whatever the hell they want to. This includes supporting them when they want to become the president and supporting them when they don’t want to work and stay home. Personally, it means not giving the reigns of my life to a male simply because I’m a woman and he’s a man; To get disrespected and not have my opinion heard because of my gender; to not have a seat at the table because of my gender. All of this doesn’t make any sense, especially in the 21st century, because any given woman possesses as much power and potential as any man does. And to that section of people at the back who couldn’t care any less about this because they simply don’t see the discrimination and injustice going around, you must either have buttons for eyes or are simply blinded by the amazing combination of your extreme faux notion and idea of equality on the outside and your inner male superiority complex. Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.

As the glorious Letty Cottin Pogrebin’s rightly said, “When men are oppressed, it’s a tragedy, but when women are oppressed, its tradition”. And in my humble opinion dumping that tradition out of the park is exactly what feminism is about.

Written by – Radhika Ahuja

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Selfie culture – an obsession

Selfie Culture:

Selfie is a self captured photograph with a smartphone or a camera. It is a picture of independence. People, especially teens and young adults are more obsessed with the selfie culture. Taking selfies and posting them in social media has become a trend over the past few years.

Selfie trend

With the advancement of technology and introduction of more modern devices, nothing is impossible. Earlier days, people depended on someone to take pictures of them. With the progression of new technology and more new features, people are obsessed with trying them.

With the existence of social media, people are focusing on others’ opinions. It is the symbol of the modern era. Children are getting easily influenced by it. It causes mental depression. It causes various psychological effects.


It is all good and fun unless you take it too seriously. People are so careless that they attempt to take selfies at dangerous places. Several accidents occur due to this and they ruin their life illogically.

People go selfie-maniac. Psychiatrists report that they meet so many affected teens due to the selfie addiction. Selfie culture has lowered the originality of the individuals. People tend to feel insecure of their appearances.

Those days there were no devices to capture the moments. There were no such means to restore as a memory. But people enjoyed and lived in the present. Though they never had all these advancements, they never missed any moment. Today, with the modern devices people forget themselves and the world. Teens are so concerned about their looks and physical appearances. They wanted a perfect picture of themselves. They never compromise which leads to a lot of takes.

Pictures are taken to relish the memory. They are something that is to be cherished in the future. To cherish it, we must live in the present.

Written by R. Varsha

Marginalisation of Eunuchs

Marginalisation, the word itself coveys to us a deep and thoughtful message. Margin means an edge of something. We know that an edge consists of a small portion or a small area. Margin though gives a completion to a project but is never given much importance. It seems to be excluded. Similar is the situation of Eunuchs in the society. Our so called “society” that considers equality of supreme importance, seems to adopt marginalisation when talked about Eunuchs. We also know the clever trick that the society adopts when they face the media or press. That is the time when humanity and deep respect for all the genders come out from their heart.

Firstly let’s understand what exactly marginalisation is. Marginalisation is the process of excluding a class of people or a group of people. Thus, by doing so they treat them as secondary and give them less importance. Marginalisation excludes such class of people and boycott them from society. Eunuchs in a simple term means a transgender or a third gender. Usually such people are a part of social exclusions. There are various reasons hidden behind the marginalisation of eunuchs.

Eunuch army could protect India

Let us throw a light on some reasons that why do eunuchs have to face marginalisation from the society.

Lack of equality

The basic right of every human is to be treated equally with everyone around. Eunuchs are deprived of this. It is because of their gender. They don’t have defined gender. Gender inequality still prevails in our society which has led to a major differences in the society. Gender indifferences divide the society into parts of various communities that further leads to major misunderstandings and disputes.

Educational status

In the fast developing era of technology and advancement in various sectors every workplace needs highly skilled and qualified people. Education is a must for each and every individual. Eunuchs hardly have any idea about the importance of education. Hardly one percent from the hundred are aware and they educate themselves with at least the basics, which is a must.

Living standards

A person should at least possess a certain standard of living to maintain a dignity in a society. Despite numerous hardships, the society respects the one who is independent and works hard to earn a living. Eunuchs have no proper guidance or standards to match up with the society, that is the reason society doesn’t accepts them.

Uncertain behavior

Many people around have this fear developed in mind that eunuchs may behave weird or in a manner that is harmful or uncertain to them. This is the major reason why many people fear talking to them or approaching them.

Lack of employment

Eunuchs lack employment. This is because they do not have the trained skills or and expertise domain wherein they can work and serve the nation in any form. This leads to their inability to pay taxes and premiums of insurance, etc. Employment also forms a part of major source of respect in society, because we all know a person is known by the work he does.

One human has a control over a birth of a soul. The gender, the qualities, colour, etc. are the determined from birth itself and no one can change it. The one who is the Creator, never discriminates so how can we as humans do so? God creates each and every individual so different from one another that each and every one is special in its own way. Agreed that Eunuchs are different form the rest, but after all they too are humans. Every individual has a right to live a life with basic freedom and right. Somewhere or the other we, being the part of this society are also responsible for the cause of marginalisation of eunuchs.

How many of us took a step forward or took an initiative to stand for them? They lack education because education is not provided to them. We hardly have any schools that can provide them with education. We hardly have any trainers or guides who can guide or teach them. Thus, let’s not just blame the society for the cause of marginalisation of eunuchs. A minor step of change can lead to massive changes that can embark the history. Our every step of individual, every small helping hand can bring about the change in their life and moreover, help reducing the social exclusion of eunuchs.

Draupadi-The eternal being!

Draupadi asked “Why only me, Govind?”

Krishna answered “What happened in Hastinapur was not your karma but the response you will give to that event will definitely become your karma!”

In the game of dice, not only properties and humans but also humanity was put at stake. The ones who maintained silence were equally guilty like the culprits. She was humiliated, beaten up, and insulted but not a single person took a stand for her. She was right that how can a person who lost himself in the game, have the right to bet on her? Still, nobody had the answer. What kind of a Dharma was it that some people tried to undress a girl? She howled and screamed and still, nobody came to support her as the ‘Great-souls’ were tied with the bond of Dharma. Is that what Dharma teaches us to let a girl face injustice? So many questions arise in our mind when we talk about the “Cheer-Haran incident” But at that period of time, many questions were raised against her character.

Draupadi was that pure soul who lived up to the environment, full of impurities. But she was as pure as fire. She was the symbol of strength and purity. She was that lotus which bloomed proudly in the filth. She set an example for the upcoming generations that if somebody tries to harm the holiness of a woman then the person is characterless not the woman. The soul of a woman symbolizes her purity and her self-respect and confidence are the ornaments which she wears. By undressing her in front of the society you can’t take off her pride. In the game of dice ‘Adharm’ took place in the name of ‘Dharam’.

What oath is this which becomes shackles for you?

What duty is this which forced you to remain silent?

What Dharma is this which permits you to let a woman get insulted? Tolerating a crime is equally a crime as committing it. That day all were guilty who stood there and saw all this evil happening. That day, Draupadi was not undressed, but the whole of mankind was undressed. Born out of the fire, distributed among the five husbands, humiliated in front of the society but still was pure as her soul was pure. She is Draupadi for you. She’s the one who never let herself fall weak, the one who promised to fight for womanhood. The sole reason for the ‘Dharmayudh’ Draupadi led the fight against injustice along with the five Pandavas. But today, it’s our turn. Like that day still, the character of a woman is a question mark. Still, a woman’s respect is being harmed. For this, did she let the battle happen? Like that day, the wrong deeds of evil get hidden in the name of the law. That day also everyone was silent, today also. We all worship Goddess but do we ever respect them, if we did, then we would not humiliate the women for their clothes, for their choices, and for their freedom. Why should each and every decision be taken in the interest of the family, what about their own happiness have we ever thought about it? From childhood, all their concern should be towards her family, then after marriage, their husband’s family, and then their children. Has anyone ever asked what you want? They dedicate their whole life to their families yet get judged by society. Why do they need to be careful, why after getting assaulted, they have to hide their faces, not the demons who did a terrible job? Women are caged and are forbidden to fly. No matter how much we talk about modernization and education, until and unless the mindsets of society change, females will be insulted and dominated. There’s a Draupadi in every woman, so never discourage her for her capabilities.

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Written by Sukanya Chanda

Impact of Films on Society

What image do we exactly have about a hero?

That he’s the most successful man, never fails in any mission, got all the superpowers to fight all the super-strong villains and ultimately wins the heroine’s heart and the battle. All this seems so natural for us but to be honest, all these are ‘Portrayed’ natural for us. How can one man fight ten goons at a time, how can he convince the heroine to fall in love with him even if she’s not interested, no matter how much he pressurized her. He needs to have all the good qualities, nothing bad like he’s some kind of a God. He needs to be tall, handsome, fair and masculine only then he can perfectly fit into the role of a hero. This isn’t only limited to the heroes but the heroines too have certain categories to fulfill. For many eras, actresses are used as props in films where all they have to do is become the hero’s love interest and the reason to fight for. Yes, there are many movies too where the female characters are as important as the hero’s but when her role becomes the main focus the popular actors refuse to act beside them. She needs to be portrayed as a helpless and weak woman but beautiful, if not, then how the hero will fall for her? Especially in Indian movies, there are times when you will watch the female protagonists worshipping their husbands like God, no matter how badly she has been treated. What makes her ‘Sanskaari’ is when she wears traditional clothes, when she speaks less in front of her in-laws. All these serve in influencing the stereotypical thoughts of society and promote issues like gender biases, rape, abusing females, colour discrimination, body shaming and many more. Often in the movies, the male protagonist is shown loitering around the girl despite her strict denial, he gets attracted to her if she wears short clothes which gives wrong signals to the youth that girls dress for men. Even if she says, ‘No’ the actor will keep lagging by performing baseless acts and in the end, he succeeds in winning her heart showing it’s that easy to get a ‘Yes.’ The lyrics of certain songs are so immoral that it describes the woman as a sex symbol. Not only the plot but also the music of films are becoming unjustified. Movies highly influence the society as a means of entertainment but it also leaves a great impact on the audience and manipulates their way of thinking. If we talk about teenagers they are the fastest ones in noticing the actors’ actions, dressing sense, attitude and trying to imitate that in real life. There are certain films which depict violence, aggression, flaunting upper-class standards which many of them try to adopt going out of their comfort zone, they try to imitate the film’s characters in real life endorsing their good as well as bad qualities which takes them beyond being normal.

Our responsibilities

Where we blame the films for the portrayal of inappropriate things it’s also our responsibility to understand the fine line between the virtual and the real world. Whatever the film shows it’s just for entertainment. However, it’s true that the film industry must follow certain guidelines by regulating the content of the films with respect to the different age groups of audience watching those fims. We should know whatever shown in the movies is for entertainment purposes and we can’t enact that in actual life which might affect us personally and the people around us. The romantic, seemed to be real stories are lovely to fantasize but it also kind of distracts us from the practical world making us unrealistic and escapist. When a hero wins hearts by playing versatile characters, girls tend to fall for him, embracing his charm and giving him the tag of their ‘Prince-charming.’ Sometimes the obsession becomes so extreme that some people start worshipping him which has a term in psychological science called the ‘Celebrity Worship Syndrome’ (CWS). The person becomes extremely addicted to the celebrity that he or she gets involved with their life so much that they begin claiming the actor to be the love of their life leading to serious mental illness like depression or anxiety. The truth is, the things over which we fantasize about the actor in the film are all fictional. A film called Guddi by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, released in the year 1971 was picturized on this issue.

Let’s accept the fact that generation is changing and so are the film scripts that the audience is more concerned about the plot rather than the actors no matter how they look or what they wear. Films are trying to be realistic, actors are ready to play grey-shaded characters instead of being flawless, and it’s ok to lose a battle at the end, the hero need not be a handsome, dashing, well-dressed man but a simple one. There are movies like ‘Chhoti Si Baat,’ ‘Saath Saath,’ and ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa’ where the heroes are not a hardcore, fighter but a simple, leaned figure boy. Love stories might not have a happy, united ending where the protagonist may lose the love of his life but can sensibly embrace the fact about leading a better life without someone. Films must show what’s believable as well as legitimate and the audience too should keep in mind the difference between the theatrical and real-world, learning and getting motivated by the positive aspects of the film. Our society can thrive if they start changing the taboos by accepting the change with open arms that the coming-of-age films are trying to bring with their distinguished and revolutionary plots.