Selfie culture – an obsession

Selfie Culture:

Selfie is a self captured photograph with a smartphone or a camera. It is a picture of independence. People, especially teens and young adults are more obsessed with the selfie culture. Taking selfies and posting them in social media has become a trend over the past few years.

Selfie trend

With the advancement of technology and introduction of more modern devices, nothing is impossible. Earlier days, people depended on someone to take pictures of them. With the progression of new technology and more new features, people are obsessed with trying them.

With the existence of social media, people are focusing on others’ opinions. It is the symbol of the modern era. Children are getting easily influenced by it. It causes mental depression. It causes various psychological effects.


It is all good and fun unless you take it too seriously. People are so careless that they attempt to take selfies at dangerous places. Several accidents occur due to this and they ruin their life illogically.

People go selfie-maniac. Psychiatrists report that they meet so many affected teens due to the selfie addiction. Selfie culture has lowered the originality of the individuals. People tend to feel insecure of their appearances.

Those days there were no devices to capture the moments. There were no such means to restore as a memory. But people enjoyed and lived in the present. Though they never had all these advancements, they never missed any moment. Today, with the modern devices people forget themselves and the world. Teens are so concerned about their looks and physical appearances. They wanted a perfect picture of themselves. They never compromise which leads to a lot of takes.

Pictures are taken to relish the memory. They are something that is to be cherished in the future. To cherish it, we must live in the present.

Written by R. Varsha

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