RT-PCR Test of Covid-19

Of all the Covid-19 tests that came to light in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic situation globally, the RT-PCR Test stood out as the ultimate Covid-19 test. Its full-form is reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. RT-PCR Test, when invented, used to cost as much as Rs. 5000 and was unaffordable by common people. However, as production grew, following advancement in technology, the price of RT-PCR Test has come down to as low as Rs. 300. In this article, let us see how this test works.

The sample is collected using a nose swab from your throat and nose. A swab is a thin, flexible stick that is inserted in your nostrils and throat to collect the virus. Covid-19 virus, if present, will get accumulated in the stick. The sample then reaches the laboratory, where the virus is extracted. The extraction process isolated genetic material from the sample, including genetic material of any viruses that may be present. The third step is the PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, in which millions of copies of the virus are produced for detection. Without the PCR, the number of viruses in the sample is too small to be detected. If Covid-19 is present, then the chemicals used in the process produce fluorescent light. It is the signal to suggest that the sample contains the Covid-19 virus.

A positive test result means that it is very likely you have Covid-19. If you test positive, don’t panic. Contact your doctor or healthcare provider, and follow the quarantine and self-isolation rules. Most people will recover following mild or no symptoms. A negative test result means you are unlikely to be affected by Covid-19 at the time of the test. However, you still have to follow all precautions given by the Government in your state, as you are still vulnerable to Covid-19 at the time of test or afterwards. Due to high sensitivity, you may test Covid-19 positive if you had been infected by Covid-19 a few weeks back and have recovered from it since then.

RT-PCR Test has numerous advantages:

  1. It delivers a report within 24 hours.
  2. It is the most reliable and accurate Covid-19 test, which can detect even residual virus, such as remnants of a virus from a near-past infection.
  3. Collection of sample is also hassle-free, and it could be processed in railway stations, entry and exit checkpoints, office buildings, that is it does not consume a large space and do not require extremely skilled labour.

Advantages of the RT-PCR Test made us possible to test for Covid-19 at tourist destinations at a minimal cost and also tour hassle-free in most tourist destinations in the country.

Written by – Himadri Paul

How much are we concerned about “Depression?”

Sometimes we need to pretend; sometimes, we need to smile while there’s a storm going on inside us, and we find it difficult to express it with the fear of being judged.  In this generation of fake smiles, it’s hard to know what’s going on inside somebody. Many lauds about depression, many suggest to reach out, check on your fellow people. But the question is, if somebody is not feeling free to disclose about their mental state, how will you know? Why do we need to hide things? Why we find it difficult to reach out to others? And the ultimate answer is ‘Us!’ We are the only ones who have made an environment where we are spreading knowledge about how to be strong, saying, “It’s your own fight, and you only have to lead it.” But we always forget that one becomes strong from being weak, so why can’t we tell “It’s OK to be weak, it’s OK to cry, and it’s OK to let it out.” In the competition of being strong, we forget to adore the weak, and then the result is “I need to be strong, I need to smile to show I’m so POSITIVE,” whereas we are completely broken from inside instead of healing, we all are pretending. In a world where we have so many friends to say-from school, college, virtual platforms but do we have that one friend to whom we can literally reach out and say, “I’m not OK!”  Many say I am always there to help you out, but how many of us would understand somebody’s personal problems? Nobody would come to you so easily and say, “See, I’m suffering through this and this problem.” The truth is you can’t understand it in the first place. But can’t we make the people in our life feel that we are always with them, we will be there for them, if they ever need a shoulder to lean on, ours will always be there for them.  To your close ones, make them feel that you are always with them and how important they are to you. Nothing will change, but they will know at least someone is there. In this world of fake smiles, it needs the courage to open up and tell, “I am a weak person who’s learning to be strong, not pretending!” 

Sometimes a point comes in everybody’s life that from inside you break down. You lose that happiness to live each moment of your life, you feel the change in yourself, and you find it hard to hide your tears from others. You don’t feel the mood to do what you did once with huge interest, and you feel worthless. But that’s not the end of your life, that’s the test of time, and you have to be the winner of it. Come out and fight. Believe that you are more powerful than the situation. Some people will change. They don’t care about which phase you are going through. People will change so, do you? But you are not weak. Forgive others and move on, sing, dance, and eat whatever you want. Share your problems with the ones who really care about you and are there to listen but don’t sit idle and end up blaming yourself. From your pain others will not be affected, you are destroying yourself. Just remember you are better than this and have a long way to go. Prove yourself and prove to others! In our country, almost 90per cent of the population is suffering from depression. You cannot predict, but from inside you can also be affected by depression. I don’t know why we take it as an extreme case, why we take it as a serious matter, yes!! It can be serious if we don’t try to get rid of it.

Sometimes it becomes a major case that we need a counselor, but all the time it’s not that easy to share it with others because, as I said, we don’t understand it and make it a big issue that time we only have to become our supporters because if we don’t generate that will power within ourselves that ”Yes, I have to get out of this anyhow” we can’t cure ourselves. Sometimes our closed ones become our strength, become our pillars, which cures us in a faster way. Do whatever you like to do but understand it before it takes you under its control. It’s not a disease that should be diagnosed it’s a mental condition that it may happen to anyone; it can be you or me. There are conditions you will feel like the most worthless person. Many will judge my words as useless but the ones who have felt it can understand it properly, and I am one of them. I went to those hard phases. Just remember that it’s not a serious matter it may happen to anyone due to pressure of studies, pressure from family, or the surrounding situations that may affect you. Love yourself that nobody could hurt you that’s the best solution for everything.

Written by – Sukanya Chanda

Girls: Best Friends or Enemies? Does ‘Sis Code’ Exist?

Have you ever heard of fair probability? It defines the outcome as two equal chances. Like when you toss a coin, there are 50-50 chances of getting a head or a tail.

Similar goes for girls, you can’t really figure out if that girl is your best friend or enemy. There are equal chances of any girl being your best friend or enemy. Strange right?

We can’t preconceive any opinion based on what happened in the past. Technically speaking, either you can blame circumstances or the girl. Both the ways, you will get affected the most.

If you have been close to a girl, labelled her as your ‘Best Friend’ and then suddenly all goes wrong. Boom! You may not know the reason at that point of time. You would start making assumptions and, in all ways, defend your friend’s actions in your mind.

Table of Contents

·         Does your mind juggle between right and wrong?. 2

·         Small issues result in big misconceptions! 3

Important Moments. 3

·         Do girls have those ‘bitchy vibes’?. 4

Enemy turned into a best friend?. 4

·         Enter the road to positivity! 5

Bad comebacks. 5

·         Girls: Worst enemy or Best Friend or Both?. 5

Appreciate and support each other 5

Does your mind juggle between right and wrong?

Confused people often end up choosing the wrong path

Why would my best friend do this to me? Maybe, she wanted to protect me. Maybe, there’s some personal reason. Maybe, she’s right. What if I’m not considering her point of view? Maybe, I’m thinking a lot on this issue.

There’s definitely some miscommunication! All these thoughts scatter up in your mind. Somewhere you are juggling between finding out what’s right and what’s wrong.

Obviously, your best friend in her defence would give you ample amount of reasons depending upon the situation. If she leaks all your information to some random person, what will be your first reaction? Is she a bitch, why would she do that? If she starts dating your guy, then maybe she doesn’t want you to be happy.

Small issues result in big misconceptions!

A misunderstanding ruin the beauty of a pure relationship

Sometimes, maybe the smallest issue will make you feel that your friend has ditched you. For instance, if someone mocks you & your best friend enjoys it, then you would start thinking her as your biggest enemy.

After all, she is supposed to take your side, right? She needs to bash out every person who mocks you, that’s the first rule of friendship.

But what if, the intensity of the joke is not to that extent where your girl best friend feels that I should take stand. What if she normalizes everything? She is your best friend but not an astrologer who can predict everything?

Important Moments

All these moments in life makes us feel that all this while the person whom you considered your best friend was a traitor in disguise. You give up on friendship, best friend psychology seems all bullshit to you.

Heartbroken more than your relationship, depressed that no ice-cream can take away all your sorrows, deprived from love, care, you feel that everything is over. You are on your own, you can’t trust anyone. You don’t restrict yourself and start spreading negative vibes all over.

Do girls have those ‘bitchy vibes’?

Girls being bad ‘bitches’ all the time

Girls are often told to back bitch about each other more than boys! In fact, people think jealousy is a common trait between girls whereas the fact states that it’s basic human tendency to get jealous.

Bromance or Bro code makes it obvious that girls can’t be best friends or soul sisters. Do you feel the same way? Why can’t girls have the same vibe as boys? Maybe, there are girls out there who are actually very close to each other but don’t flex about it in front of everyone. Yes, they do exist!

Enemy turned into a bestfriend?

Have you ever met someone who initially you hated and then suddenly she becomes your best friend? Have you ever judged someone just because she is wearing tacky clothes or she is fat, has dark complexion, etc.

Without even talking to someone, how easily we girls judge each other? Maybe the vibe doesn’t match but what happens later. How come the person you never thought you would talk you becomes your life saviour??

The game is all about trust. Every person who comes in your life teaches you a lesson. It’s not healthy to carry your past with you. You would prove “every girl is another girls’ worst enemy” phrase true. Deep inside you must be eagerly waiting for your best friend to come back or maybe someone who can understand you, take care of you.

Enter the road to positivity!

The three of them are all smiles when they are together

Girl, you worst enemy, who may have troubled you a lot, may someday come to you with a clean heart. That’s maybe how reverse psychology works. When you don’t want anyone in your life, you get surrounded with unnecessary attention but when you really want someone, everything starts falling apart. People take the exit door and vanish out from your life.

A girl can be both, you must decide to stay with her or leave her. Even if you are emotionally attached to your friend and she keeps on repeating the same mistakes, leave her.

Otherwise, it will get toxic and you will go depressed. There are times when your worst enemy crosses a certain line of decency, you may respond to her actions.

Bad comebacks

Being a girl, this wasn’t expected from you? Learn some etiquettes and manners if you can. Grow up kiddo, stop being immature? Are these your comebacks? If yes, then this doesn’t even work on your enemy.

You may not know but a girl may pretend to like you a lot on your face and it would be completely opposite when you are not present.

Girls: Worst enemy or Best Friend or Both?

You got to share every moment with your girlfriends

No, conclusion as such can be made but one thing is for sure that, a girl can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It all depends on the circumstances. You cannot be with someone forever.

All you can do is forget the worst part and live with the best part. Come on, it’s been a stereotype that girls can’t be actual friends.

Appreciate and support each other

Start appreciating each other. You can’t peek inside someone’s mind. All you can do is start exploring and surround yourself with girls who motivate you do something better. After all, every person is unique, every girl may/ may not be your best friend. But she is a girl, she won’t forget her roots nor the comfort one gets while talking to the same sex.

The question ends with a positive and a diplomatic answer that’s maybe/ maybe not. Complicated but practical!!

 By Mansi Yadav .


What is the purpose of our life?

We are born, suffer and die.

Sooner or later, the few people that cherish our memories depart as well and almost every proof of our existence is wiped off the face of Earth. Then what is the point of living? What is the use of feeling such joy and ecstasy or frustration and desolation?

The purpose of life has always been a probing question for every great philosopher, so who am I to answer? And honestly, there is nothing behind any of this other than some goddamn teenage angst.

To be or not to be, that is the question, they say. But is it? Maybe we don’t need to know the reason for our being. “You will never live if you keep looking for the meaning of life, ” said Albert Camus and rightly so. It could be quite unsatisfactory, but not much can be done about it either.

We can only try and experience the grandeur of existence. That is because we never really think about why we are alive when we are fully, truly happy. And perhaps try to make a difference no matter how negligible a man’s place in the cosmos is. Little things DO make a big difference. We can always strive to bring about a positive change in someone else’s life, to be kind, empathetic, helpful, but most of all, content with oneself.

we die once but we live everyday. Try to cherish each and every second. Explore what you want in your life. Never upset from today’s failure. Take a lesson from it. A better tomorrow is waiting for you to make the life meaningful. Do not quit until you fulfill your aim. Every life is unique in their own way. Make it great in every possible way.

The other side of the Pandemic “A different View”

As I write this piece down, the COVID19 virus further strengthens its grip on the world. I describe this crisis as ‘unfortunate yet not completely unfound’. One might further extend his/her interpretations to fathom new vulnerabilities that world is now susceptible to. Inadequate medical facilities, even in the nations of vast economic stretch such as US and Europe, is surely one of the many unfortunate realities that this predicament has unveiled. However, there is even greater revelation, to my bewilderment, that the pandemic has exposed us to i.e. it takes something as fatal as the COVID19 to make us realise that real elements of a meaningful life are the family, friends, and a compatible relation with the Mother Nature. The values, some might argue, were never fading away in first place.

However, what I believe is that our sense of crude materialism has turned us blind to the threats this attitude entails. Man’s hunger for perishable commodities has jeopardized his relationships with his blood, body and the nature beyond comprehension. The ancient days were perhaps more sound on this front. The Harappans and the Egyptians were epitome of these elements which now face endangerment. The Harappans worshipped Mother Goddess to demonstrate their reverence for nature and family. However, this ‘golden age’ history soon descended into extinction. Gradually, as the history of the world proceeded, there was an excessive corruption of the minds with the idea of materialism and the consequences of it manifested itself to the maximum in the industrial revolution in Britain. This event marked the inception of an era which granted the humans with leverage to destroy nature, pervert the ideas of family and spiritualism. As of now, Families have turned nuclear, nature transformed into a means for our selfish ends and spiritualism and religion holds Inferior status to capitalism The glaring paradox of our times is that we pursue handsome paying jobs in an assumption that the money thus earned would grant us Happiness. Yet as we venture that path we exceedingly distance ourselves from the very Happiness which formed the core of this pursuance in first place.

We, perhaps, have miscomprehended the very idea of what Happiness entails. Swami Vivekananda once said ‘ External nature is only internal nature writ large’. It is about time that we begin understanding what real emancipation and Happiness constitutes. This constitution must be driven by the inner soul of the person not by some external factor. The sooner we realise this, the better.

Saurabh Mishra