As we all know, China has largest population in the world and also it also famous for their ‘one child’ policy though many arguments and critics took place under this policy and also many problems were faced by the citizens of china.

After all the problems faced by China, many Indian ministers are planning for child policy also we all know India is the 2nd largest country in the context of population and everyday millions of mother gave birth to child and everyday population of India is increasing in 2016 Prahalad Singh Patel the member of parliament introduced the bill that would state that limited Indian for 2 Child Policy. However, this policy did not get much support from the other people.

 In early 2020 Mohan Bhagwat leader of National Volunteer Organization (RSS) came in the support of 2 child policy also he declared that 2 child policy will be their organization’s primary goal however many people criticize and claim that this proposal is attempt to limit Muslims population  in India.


Though 2 child policy is not in India on national level but some local laws are formed to control the population. Under this policy person who are standing in the election of Panchayat (local level) is having more than 2 children then he/she will get directly disqualified. This is done so that local people can get aware about 2 child policy and look up their local politicians and follow their 2 child example.

Also, in many states rules are been formed under 2 child policy, there will be penalties on the people who will have more than 2 children also there will be no rights given to the child born after the 2nd child the children born after 2nd child will not be able to get any government in future. Also they may not be able to get state provided health care and other nutritional supplements for mother and the 3rd child born.

Father may be fines and jail as the penalties also they may get less government facilities and restrictions in the government job and promotions.


 Many people are against this policy as this policy not only affects the human rights but also may slow down the development of the country. As everyone knows that India is growing country and it is coming up with booming technology industry, for which there is need of young people and if the 2 child policy came in India then might be their will be shortage of youth as for running the technology industry there is the need of young blood.

There are many problem which is faced by the China under 1 child policy more than half of the population has undocumented child after they already has one child also there was large difference in the gender and if this problem arise in India it may create problem like gender discrimination already India is male dominating society and 2 child policy may create more problem.

Also according to human right activist, Indian government is violating the laws of women by encouraging abortions and infanticides of female. Also this policy may result in reason for many men to leave their wife and give her divorce if the women go to political office.

Many uneducated women are also there who don’t even have any idea regarding 2 child policy and due to which they are facing problems many women run to political office and claim that they don’t know about these kinds of policy.

According to many critics these policy is attempt to limit the Muslim’s population in the country as every year there are more Muslim  fertility rate then Hindu which has created fear that Muslim will be become dominating over Hindu. Some also claim that RSS want to maintain the current ratio of Hindu and Muslim.

However, according to critics Muslims are likely to have more baby than 2 therefore this attempt will keep them away from government jobs and promotions.


Despite, many leaders and government liked the 1 child policy but at some stage are country is different from there are country is rich in diversity and this may affect the sentiments of any religion or any gender as well. However it is important to control the population because increase in population is one of the main reason due to which many people are suffering from unemployment, poverty and pandemic disease like COVID19 it has also said after the lockdown the their will be rapid growth in the population which may affect the economy of our country and create problem in the development of the country.

                                                                       By Anjali Sharma

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