Why are so many trains cancelled during winter?

Winter in North India is quite severe, resulting in dense fog and drop in visibility. Visibility in most major cities of India falls to less than 50 metres. This results in transportation problems, causing delay in trains and buses. Trains and buses can not pick up pace owing to limited visibility, and has to travelContinue reading “Why are so many trains cancelled during winter?”

Nutritional MYTHS

Do you also believe in nutritional myths? (Myth Busters) Myths, myths, myths… The list is pretty long then, so wrong. But what’s right? What can you believe? Well, this has been the confusion for decades, which started from street gossips and have evolved into “WHATSAPP FORWARDS”. It becomes a heck of a decision on whatContinue reading “Nutritional MYTHS”


The seeds of this revolutionary idea were planted far earlier than we realise. The first social media site, known as MySpace, reached its milestone in 2004. YouTube came into existence around 2005. Other sites like Facebook, twitter, Flickr, Tumblr also became available. This was the beginning of a new era dominated by social media. ButContinue reading “SOCIAL MEDIA”


As we all know, China has largest population in the world and also it also famous for their ‘one child’ policy though many arguments and critics took place under this policy and also many problems were faced by the citizens of china. After all the problems faced by China, many Indian ministers are planning forContinue reading “ONE CHILD POLICY IN INDIA”

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