Mobikwik’s Data Leak

There is inconclusive evidence, but netizens and independent researchers have claimed that data of more than 100 million users of Mobikwik are on sale on a hackers forum. The leaked data contains private data like Aadhar card, credit card and mobile phone numbers linked to Mobikwik’s wallet.

The claim was first made by an independent security researcher named Rajshekhar Rajaharia in early March this year, who has previously highlighted other data leaks. However, Mobikwik has denied all the claims and officially said that all their data are safe and secured.

As shown by Rajaharia, the data can be accessed by a link using Tor browser. Rajaharia has shared the link, and many users have taken to Twitter to share their data like credit cards and debit cards. Rajaharia has also got support from French cybersecurity expert Elliot Anderson and Australian web security researcher Troy Hunt.

Mobikwik has also assured that they are currently investigating to trace any leakage and has been unsuccessful so far. So Mobikwik has stood by its claims and reported that the users might have uploaded the data at different platforms, and there is no evidence that the leakage has been from Mobikwik’s database.

The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is not happy with the initial response of the company. RBI demanded an immediate probe into this matter and warned the company that it would face fines if lapses are found.

The digital payments firm, Mobikwik is not the only firm where data is leaked. Lately, data breaches and data leaks have become quite common in the country. This is evident because the entire leaked database from Mobikwik was available on online platforms for sale at 1.5 bitcoin or $86,000. Hackers hack data only to sell and earn money, and many firms need this data to hack the bank accounts of the public. This is a dark side of the cyber world, and hence, it is essential for India to develop a robust cybersecurity plan so that further leakages do not occur.

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Written by – Himadri Paul

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