Mobikwik’s Data Leak

There is inconclusive evidence, but netizens and independent researchers have claimed that data of more than 100 million users of Mobikwik are on sale on a hackers forum. The leaked data contains private data like Aadhar card, credit card and mobile phone numbers linked to Mobikwik’s wallet. The claim was first made by an independentContinue reading “Mobikwik’s Data Leak”

What does WhatsApp privacy update mean for our privacy?

How much access to your life you will have to give to WhatsApp if you accept these policies? This seems to be the right question to ask ourselves at this moment. What if I tell you that WhatsApp is no more a messaging app. It’s much more than that we could ever think of. ThenContinue reading “What does WhatsApp privacy update mean for our privacy?”

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