How Transportation through Bangladesh may bring North-East India Closer

North-East India, despite being a part of mainland India, is far remote and far more inaccessible than we think. Among the north-eastern states, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur and south Assam lie almost entirely on the other side of Bangladesh. The partition of India along religious lines did not favour India her connection with her own north-easternContinue reading “How Transportation through Bangladesh may bring North-East India Closer”

Delhi Metro Missing Links to be Inaugurated

Delhi Metro is one of the largest metros in the country. Phase 3 of Delhi Metro has taken its total length to a mammoth 390 km. However, two key sections were missing for a long time since the Phase 3 expansion of Delhi Metro concluded, causing inconvenience among commuters. One of the sections was inContinue reading “Delhi Metro Missing Links to be Inaugurated”

Mobikwik’s Data Leak

There is inconclusive evidence, but netizens and independent researchers have claimed that data of more than 100 million users of Mobikwik are on sale on a hackers forum. The leaked data contains private data like Aadhar card, credit card and mobile phone numbers linked to Mobikwik’s wallet. The claim was first made by an independentContinue reading “Mobikwik’s Data Leak”

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