Do you always find it difficult to face a group of people? Do you face difficulty while expressing yourself to others?

Then this is the place where you need to halt!

Some of the things that you need to practice in your day-to-day life to come out of this stage i.e. to overcome the problem of being an introvert are:-

1.Make yourself Uncomfortable!!

Yes, you heard it right you need to make yourself uncomfortable!

You need to come out of your comfort zone of hiding your identity and thoughts when surrounded by people.

 “To achieve anything worthwhile requires sacrifice”. In this case personal comfort.

Most of them avoid going to parties and social events because they feel so stressed at the thought of talking to people. So, from now force yourself to accept most of the invitations you get for social gatherings. Interacting with people really is a muscle you have to flex and the more you practice it, the more confident you feel doing it.

2.Explore all the possible extremities.

Read the new yorker. Watch documentaries. Read good books.

Here’s a simple logic behind this. Usually one feels conversations to be terrified when they wouldn’t know what to talk about. The more you know the more you can relate with people and have something to share.

3. Maintain eye contact.

This is a life-changing hack for many out there. Maintaining eye contact will significantly bring a change in the way you interact with people. When people talk about you, maintain eye contact even if it feels awkward. It shows the strength of your character and even warmth. When it’s your turn to talk do the same, although it’s okay to glance away sometimes.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Not only to achieve this goal but to achieve anything in your life you need to be surrounded by like-minded people who will support you in your way of turning yourself into the best version. Be a part of communities.

Having a support system with who you can share your struggles makes the entire journey easier.

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   Do follow the above things and I am sure that you will start feeling comfortable even when surrounded by a very large crowd of people. This will help you solve the problem of being an introvert.

Happy Transformation buddy!!

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