Do you always find it difficult to face a group of people? Do you face difficulty while expressing yourself to others? Then this is the place where you need to halt! Some of the things that you need to practice in your day-to-day life to come out of this stage i.e. to overcome the problemContinue reading “HOW TO OVERCOME THE PROBLEM OF BEING A INTROVERT?”

Rising population: The major concern for the nation

 One of the gravest advancement gives most developing nations in the world are confronting is population. According to United Nations populace measurements, the total population rose by 30% somewhere in the range of 1990 and 2010 which is an alarmingly high rate. The unreasonable populace has different unfavorable impacts remembering undue weight for the naturalContinue reading “Rising population: The major concern for the nation”

COVID Impact: Workers Laid Off

This is imperative to that so far there had been no official estimate of loss brought about by lockdown implemented over the months due to corona-virus pandemic. A mutilate effect on an economy as large as India‚Äôs caused due a complete lockdown was impended. Unemployment across the country has ascended due to the coronavirus pandemicContinue reading “COVID Impact: Workers Laid Off”

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