The Digital termite is ruining our peaceful zone on a global level if you carefully look behind your screens. The “Information age” is actually the age of distraction for more than half of our digital youth. They say “ The digital youth didn’t inherent digital distraction, they were born into it.”

One of the most craziest irony of our era is that technology (digital termite) has saved  a lot of time. Our world is on our fingertips. Considering the fact, on an average we touch our phones 3000 times a day. When we temporary misplace a device, the experience of phantom vibration syndrome and how merely seeing a message at least can be as distracting as checking the message itself.

Scrolling  on  your social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) , responding to every notification is not important but our curiosity urges us to respond. There is no denial for this fact.


Technology may be a boon to young digital entrepreneurs but believe me we all are at risk. Money and addiction relief will not medicate your social and personal responsibilities. Technology is so pervasive that it is becoming harder and harder to persist it. Our fears about the impact of increasing amounts of screen time on ourselves involve three main areas which include mental health, addiction, and the level of engagement with what’s going on around us. Research says that(internet data):

  • Fifty-four percent of digital users agree with the statement ,”I prefer texting people rather than talking to them.”
  • A 2012 study from the university of Essex demonstrated that merely having a a cell phone visible in the room –even if no one checked it- made people less likely to develop a sense of intimacy and empathetic understanding during meaningful conversations. Interestingly, the researchers suggest that the experiment participants did not that necessarily consciously notice the effect of the phone.
  • Even tech-savvy teens don’t like their companions to check Facebook during an in-person conversation. Forty-five percent of teenagers reported feeling annoyed when friends get distracted by technology while they are spending time together. Forty-four percent admit to allowing social media to divert their attention from in-person interaction.


Discipline will lead you towards your dream destination. Some distractions are just idle habits. Anything that limits the interruptions or temptations caused by technology will help you to stay focused and will help you for your effective performance. In this digital era living your life at backend will not work obviously. so constantly motivating yourself is the keytool to organize your life scenario. The battle is all yours.


Being productive is your choice so you have to work for it. Its critical to keep boundaries with technology but boundaries can reduce your distractions and make sure that you can excel in your zone.

Convince yourself, build a habit of using your device  only at certain times and in certain places during a day. LIMIT AND EXCEL should be your motto to conquer your battle of digital distraction.


No one can teach you until and unless you want to grab. Being aware of your daily digital engagement and managing them can help you to keep a healthy balance between digital and analog. Multitasking with technology will bring a cruel impact on your performance and productivity. Checking instagram during your class hours means that you’re not fully engaged in the conversation.

Being aware of the loss by hampering your work performance and engagement just by responding to digital demands is the first step in making a change.


Knowledge is power when it comes to managing digital distractions. For example: You can use Siri , Google assistant, Alexa  and other similar tools to cut down the number of times you pick your phone. Even instead of texting someone constantly you can pick another alternative of talking them directly. Choose better alternatives to cure your anxiety which digital distractions bring inhand with them.


The human mind tends to create a loop to sooth its journey and the creation is all yours. Research says that when we follow a particular pattern the human mind adapt it and feel the response according to our creation. For example: Create a cycle of checking your notifications after every one hour of productive work. Believe me your mind will accept it as a reward for your work  and as such both in hand work will be successfully completed.

The proverb “You row what you sow” is completely based on our today’s scenario. The wonderful innovation “TECHNOLOGY” is now showing its adverse effects but again the human mind is mysterious and can clear all its flaw. So keep working on your distractions.


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