Atmospheric Water Generator in Railway Stations

Water has a number of sources, rivers, lakes, even ocean. Now, with the advancement of technology, it has yet another source, air. Yes, you read that right. Air contains a large amount of water vapour which can be tapped for drinking or other purposes. This is exactly what the Indian Railways are looking for toContinue reading “Atmospheric Water Generator in Railway Stations”

Impact of Indian Defence Industry on Russia-Ukraine War

The Russia-Ukraine war erupted on the evening of 24th February, 2022 and is currently on-going in Ukraine. Its impact has been felt widely around the globe and India too is not an exception. Russia has been the main contributor of advanced defence weapons and training programmes of the Indian defence since independence. Hence, it isContinue reading “Impact of Indian Defence Industry on Russia-Ukraine War”


The Digital termite is ruining our peaceful zone on a global level if you carefully look behind your screens. The “Information age” is actually the age of distraction for more than half of our digital youth. They say “ The digital youth didn’t inherent digital distraction, they were born into it.” One of the mostContinue reading “THE DIGITAL TERMITE”

CRISPR_Technology & Pandemic 2020; in a nutshell

CRISPR will soon introduce us to a New World So What does it mean? CRISPR means Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. The term sounds quite complicated, but this Technology will soon introduce us to a new world in the coming years.CRISPR is a genome-editing tool and works by coding for a specific gene sequenceContinue reading “CRISPR_Technology & Pandemic 2020; in a nutshell”


The answer to this statement is YES & No. They have more opportunities for all things technically. However, neuro scientists are telling us that these are not good for small children. And so I would lean the answer to the fewer opportunity side. Back in those days when technologies were limited and people were notContinue reading “DO YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE GREATER OPPORTUNITIES THAN WERE AVAILABLE 30 OR 40 YEARS AGO?”

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