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Equality is about ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents. Here we will focus on equal pay at work, i.e., women and men should be paid equally for the same result.


Unfortunately, equal pay at work is not seen very often; here, women are subjected to many obligations and yet paid less than their male colleagues for the same job.

But have you ever wondered why this concept of equal pay at work is not in force very actively? The answer is that most of us don’t think of it, and if few people think of it, they find it as a law of nature where women are always treated subordinate to men.
Today we live in a patriarchal society, where male dominance is always in prevalence, so equal pay at work is not finding its way and hence not implemented. But this patriarchal mentality needs to be changed as we are living in the 21st century.

The phrase ‘equal work’ means an individual who has been employed for the work is allotted to him should be given sufficient pay. Equal pay is governed under the Equality Act of 2010, which offers a right to equal compensation between women and men for similar work.

Roughly half of the men (46%) say that men and women are generally treated equally by society, while only 34% agree. Nearly half (53%) of women say society favors men over women, compared with 36% of men who say the same.

Equal pay at work creates a fair working atmosphere at the workplace as if you are paid significantly less than your workmate, you will become quite frustrated over time and will not consider this to be fair. Not paying equal leads you to a state where you will only work the minimum and may no longer have any ambition in your job.

Paying equally also motivates women to work to their best as they know that they will be spent if they work hard.
If they are paid equally, they will succeed the same as men; there will be more opportunities for women to work and prosper and serve a lot in women empowerment.


Equal pay also leads to gender equality in the nation. A nation where both men and women are treated equally goes far in the long road to success than a country where women are always treated less than men. These happen because both men and women collectively contribute to a nation’s wealth and prosperity if treated equally and given equal opportunities.

So could you give it a thought and change your mind?
Equal pay at work to men and women has a lot of benefits not only to women but to the nation and the organization also in which they are working.

Written by Ankita Singh.

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