The Indian history: Quit India Movement

Written by Anshika Yadav

This is an essential part of the history of independence of India, which should be known by every Indian Citizen. Quit India Movement was one of the impactful historical movements of India, which led path of independence in 1947.
This movement is also known as, ‘Bharat choro Andolan‘.

• It was propelled at the Bombay meeting of the All Indian Congress Committee (AICC) by Mahatma Gandhi on 8 August 1942.

• The protest started to demand an end of British rule in India

• The primary part of the movement was peaceful with demonstration and parades. There was a peaceful protest until Mahatma Gandhi’s discharge.

Second half of the protest was full of attacks including setting fires on workplaces and government structures.

• The last phase of the movement was set apart on September 1942, where mobs are getting together and bombings in government spots of Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh.

• In September 1942 the final phase of the movement was noticed.

• Rebels were arrested and tortured, and over sixty thousand people were jailed.

• At last India got autonomy in 1947.

Also known as August Kranti movement, here Gandhiji gave a slogan to the people, “Do or Die, we shall either free India or die in the attempt, we shall not live to see the perpetuation of our slavery.”

Gandhiji’s ideology of non-violence and determination was so great and inspiring.
It was his proper steps and ideas which helped and quickened the inclination for freedom.

He was always committed to making India, independent. An extraordinary strategist of 20th century motivated by self-dependent rule.

Quit India movement was one of the renowned struggles of our history, and people praise this day by paying tribute to political dissidents with the occasion or National speeches.

Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of free India.

We are the citizens of free India because of the continuous efforts and brave sacrifices of our freedom fighters which led to this revolutionary movement.

Proud to be an Indian is the most correct way to put all our love and respect for the great real heroes of our country. And we must always be responsible towards the County we are part of and add to its pride.

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  1. We forget the sacrifices made by India’s freedom fighters and only count their mistakes. And one of the famous or if we call a controversial person General Bakshi ridiculed on our freedom fighters is really shameful.

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