All-Women Crew from India Creates History in Railways and Airways

Women empowerment has become one of the most common topics of discussion in every philanthropic activity. It is true that women need extra efforts in society to achieve some goals that are comparatively easy for men. But more than that, they require motivation. They need examples so that they could follow the same path toContinue reading “All-Women Crew from India Creates History in Railways and Airways”

The Indian history: Quit India Movement

Written by Anshika Yadav This is an essential part of the history of independence of India, which should be known by every Indian Citizen. Quit India Movement was one of the impactful historical movements of India, which led path of independence in 1947.This movement is also known as, ‘Bharat choro Andolan‘. • It was propelledContinue reading “The Indian history: Quit India Movement”

The Mandala Theory: A brief overview

Kautilya’s Arthashastra is considered to be one of the most important texts in the sphere of politics and diplomacy. This ancient Indian political thought was written around 325 BC and was published in Shama Shastri in the year of 1909. Chittaranjan Roy mentions that the book was divided into 32 divisions based on paragraphs. Moreover,Continue reading “The Mandala Theory: A brief overview”

Rising population: The major concern for the nation

 One of the gravest advancement gives most developing nations in the world are confronting is population. According to United Nations populace measurements, the total population rose by 30% somewhere in the range of 1990 and 2010 which is an alarmingly high rate. The unreasonable populace has different unfavorable impacts remembering undue weight for the naturalContinue reading “Rising population: The major concern for the nation”

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