Erasmus, once quoted that“The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its Youth “.

But the education of a citizen of a country depends primarily on its education system. Unfortunately,the education system in India is not the best one. Lack of reforms and improvements are making it quite boring and ineffective. There are many factors that are leading this problem of students’ disinterest in schooling and appears to be a burden.


☆ The lack of sufficient funds is the main the problem in the development of tutoring. The government must increase the allocation of funds in the teaching sector so that it can develop.

☆ Frequent absenteeism is a huge problem in government schools and thus the nation suffers bit by bit every single day.

☆ The biggest problem which it has to face is the poor grading system. It judges the intelligence of a student on the basis of academics which is in the form of exam papers. This becomes problematic for students who are not good at specific subjects.

☆ Students are pressurised to gain good marks,which they do by just mugging up instead of understanding the concept thoroughly.

☆ Lack of proper infrastructure.

☆ Lack of qualified teachers creates a huge problem in developing the educational sector in India.

Many policies have been introduced by our government to overcome the drawbacks of our teaching system, Like SarvShikshaAbhiyan,an initiative by the government of India to provide basic education to all the children at least the till the age of 14.Government worked with the main ideology that being educated is the right of all.

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, which was approved by the Union Cabinet of India on 29th July 2020, primarily implemented to improve the entire teaching method in India with its main I focus on education and learning and make “India a global knowledge superpower”. The last education policy has been implemented in 1986, 34 years ago, which was slightly amended in 1992.

national education policy

If we walk about the key features of NEP 2020,then basically it emphasizesholistic and multidisciplinary education for prospective students.

But the fact that willthe new education policy i.e. NEP 2020 succeed in removingthe loophholes in the current education system in India?

Our government has framed policies regarding the education system, but it’s success still lies in its implementation.

The government must emphasize on the proper implementation of the orders and check whether everything is happeningas per plan. Solelyforming policies and programswon’t work. Ground check of policy implementation is of utmost importance.

Therefore it is a great beginning. Althougheducation has come a long way and changes are visible,we need to do a lot more in the coming time.

So, our policymakers must look into the problem to make a better system that is more practical and provides hands-on learning to the students.

The true education system would indeed assist us to master our destiny.

Written by Ankita Singh

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