Emergence of traditional Gurujis:

Many decades ago from today’s digitalization, when science was not so widespread, people used to believe only the miraculous power. That time medical science was so far to achieve something. The era was uncomplicated, unlike today’s world.

A group of people emerged at that time to take advantage of the simple life. They misled people by wizardry and prejudices. That time it was easy to make the belief common people. People would go to them for help in any kind of problem like snake bites, infertility, and so on. They were worshipped by common people as Guruji or the messenger of God.

But the situation has changed eventually. Science has come up with advanced forms that makes everything at hand. Medical science developed significantly. Scientists are designing novel drugs every year. People are becoming smarter day by day. They started to believe only in science instead of magic.

Where are they now who influenced people by their uncommon power? Do they still exist even in the 21st century? Have they impact on today’s generation?

The answer is BIG YES.

In some rural areas, natives still believe in exorcising the evil spirit by uttering charms and incantations. They still take patients in these so-called Gurujis if anybody is fallen sick instead of visiting doctors. Unfortunately not only village areas, even the urban world cannot get rid of this.

Social irony:

Several things are still happening in our society which proves that we have not yet become fully scientific.

People visits reputed astrologers door to door for changing the fate of their son so that he could take Science and get a secure job.

Some celebrities change their name after listening to their gurus or astrologers to turn their bad luck to good luck.

Some poor women who are unable to conceive also go to the Gurus in the hope of getting positive results.

And these Gurus are making money by taking advantage of people’s weaknesses. The astrologers are assuring to change one’s fate by suggesting wear expensive gemstones such as ruby, emerald, and coral, etc. Nowadays we see these kinds of advertisements on television.

Are gemstones really effective to change human’s fate?

Gemstones have no magical power to change one’s destiny. It helps only the person to overpower planetary effects and evil transits. Although some people disagree with the benefits of gemstones, it completely depends on human belief.

But the undesirable thing is that astrologers have started a business around it. In many cases, they have delivered fake synthetic gem which has no value for occult purposes with the price of real stones.

However, some real Gurujis still exist among many fake ones. They motivate us in every step of our life. Their words may enrich us and give us moral support. They always help us to purify the soul and try to make our minds healthy and fresh as well.

Though these kinds of Gurujis are rare nowadays, they can only help us in depression. Their influence is highly needed to overcome a mental illness which is the most common in today’s generation.

By Saswati Chattopadhyay.

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