How to manage studies and work life as a student?

Life has seen a tremendous change in the past two years. Something that couldn’t even be imagined happened so suddenly within a fraction of a second, completely changing human life. No doubt the Covid-19 lead us more closer to the digital and techno world.

Not only working professionals but also students and non-professional individuals started adapting to the techno era. Slowly and gradually, laptops and mobiles have taken up a huge space in our lives with time and pace.

Especially as a student, these electronics have become a necessity as this is the only source to take the education further. Even students have taken up their responsibilities to upgrade themselves and level up their skills. Along with studies, they are now working individuals too. Many of them are either working interns and managing their studies or working upon their start-up along with studies.

At times managing both of them in a single go becomes difficult, and students feel stressed. This tends to reduce the working capacity mentally as well as physically. To avoid mental breakdowns and get rid of stressful situations, here are a few tips and tricks that will benefit the students. This will not only help them to balance their work-life and studies simultaneously but also help them to level up their productivity.

1) Exercise – Regular exercise, even if practiced daily for 20 minutes, will totally help get energized and boost their minds.
2) You can practice meditation and journaling. These are the proven methods to keep yourself cool and calm.
3) Take short walks in the sun. Studies show that Vitamin D increases a positive and focused mood.
4) Laugh, smile, and spend time with family and friends.
5) Take breaks – A whole day just work will reduce your creativity. Thus take short naps and breaks in between.
6) Practice self-talk and self discussion. Speak positive affirmations to yourself- “this too shall pass” or “I can handle this.”
7) Ask for help – The most underrated yet important thing that students ignore is asking for help. They feel this might make them feel inferior or small, they will be made fun of, and people will laugh at them if they approach people for help. But the truth is when you ask someone for help, it builds up your community and networking. People feel trustworthy and happy that you asked them out!

Remember, anything can be solved when we communicated and speak. Along with work and studies, proper mental health is important. Mental well-being affects a person emotionally and physically as well. Thus, these easy peasy and go-to tricks will help students be calm, focused, peaceful, and relaxed, enabling them to perform well in academics and work life.

Written by – Sonali Sharma (© Copyright Protected)

Qualitative Learning versus Quantitative Learning

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice”

It is truly said that education is the most powerful tool to enlighten and empower the mind and to change the world. It is an effective way to fight poverty & illiteracy.

Education dispels ignorance & darkness from minds and stimulates us to think better. We must stress good quality, sound education. One must pay attention to the individual needs and impart knowledge as every person is unique so that he can be a champion in his field of passion. As a society, we can only prosper if encourage and nurture individual talents and interests and not force things upon people.

Quantitative education involves voluminous academic material, but awakening & stimulation of the mind is not in proportion. It encourages rote learning and massive course without thinking about their relevance and practicality. It promotes ‘herd behaviour’ which results in people learning things they don’t want to just because they are being told to. Education and learning become burdensome and monotonous after a period of time. Rote learning results in students mugging things up a few days before the exams and then letting it all out on the examination day resulting in them forgetting all the information once and for all. This defeats the purpose of learning itself! All students should be discouraged to do role mugging and initiate the process of original thinking.

Effective learning is only possible when attention is paid to quality & not quantity. Education is made interactive and interesting by stressing qualitative learning by talking about it in a fun and interactive way, making it relatable and easy to remember. THIS is what true learning is! Learning is a lifelong process and this truly justifies that.

Written by – Radhika Ahuja


“Life is following you. Your destiny is in your hands. Whatever you think and feel will determine your life.”

We all have heard about water, air and noise pollution but ever heard about Thought Pollution? If you’re anything like me, then the answer is no, but it is the most common pollution we all encounter daily. You could go to a place with the cleanest air and water with solace running through its veins but still be haunted by thought pollution. Just as air pollution means impure air, thought pollution refers to dirty, disturbing and unwanted thoughts which is more hazardous to your well-being than these environmental issues. The statement “It’s all in mind” isn’t a cliché. It most certainly holds true. The number of times that we obsess over unhealthy, unrealistic scenarios in our mind and unknowingly overthink our way to a disturbing inner being is devastating. What clean air is to our lungs is exactly what pure thoughts are to our soul. To be the healthiest, happiest and most sanguine version of ourselves, having a clear thought process is an utmost necessity. Especially in the current times when the world has become this large overwhelming bubble of appalling happenings, having our mind flooded with grey clouds of anxious, disturbing and detrimental thoughts is becoming the new normal. But we mustn’t let that happen. If we can’t keep our thinking in check and stop ourselves from becoming a demented pig, then for what good has we, humans, been blessed with this cerebrum? We must train ourselves to see the silver lining in every situation, and clearly, it’s easier said than done. Since it’s not an overnight process, we need to practice establishing a clean, calm and healthy thought process and put it into use as often as we think. We need to stop contaminating our inner piece by our atrocious thoughts to see ourselves and this world in a better light. We all have two lives, and the second one starts when we realize that we only have one. And the only thing hindering us from living our best life is we. This continuous, vicious cycle of negative, self-depreciating thoughts that live in our mind rent-free is poison to the soul. Our studies have frequencies to attract similar ideas. We become a magnet for things that we are and for being a positive ray of sunshine from whose presence the world can only benefit. We need to think in the same sun-kissed way. Our thoughts manifest our reality, and to have a positive fact, we must have positive, satisfying and grounded reviews whose existence in itself heal our soul from all the negativity that we get hold of. Since self-care these days has finally gained the momentum it deserved long ago, try pampering your soul with positive thoughts whilst you indulge your body with a bubble bath; both are equally rewarding. As soon as we touch our feet on the ground in the morning, we should flood our mind with positive and thankful thoughts to set the tone for the day. Remember that only after clouds disappear can we see the beautiful stars.

Written by – Radhika Ahuja

How much are we concerned about “Depression?”

Sometimes we need to pretend; sometimes, we need to smile while there’s a storm going on inside us, and we find it difficult to express it with the fear of being judged.  In this generation of fake smiles, it’s hard to know what’s going on inside somebody. Many lauds about depression, many suggest to reach out, check on your fellow people. But the question is, if somebody is not feeling free to disclose about their mental state, how will you know? Why do we need to hide things? Why we find it difficult to reach out to others? And the ultimate answer is ‘Us!’ We are the only ones who have made an environment where we are spreading knowledge about how to be strong, saying, “It’s your own fight, and you only have to lead it.” But we always forget that one becomes strong from being weak, so why can’t we tell “It’s OK to be weak, it’s OK to cry, and it’s OK to let it out.” In the competition of being strong, we forget to adore the weak, and then the result is “I need to be strong, I need to smile to show I’m so POSITIVE,” whereas we are completely broken from inside instead of healing, we all are pretending. In a world where we have so many friends to say-from school, college, virtual platforms but do we have that one friend to whom we can literally reach out and say, “I’m not OK!”  Many say I am always there to help you out, but how many of us would understand somebody’s personal problems? Nobody would come to you so easily and say, “See, I’m suffering through this and this problem.” The truth is you can’t understand it in the first place. But can’t we make the people in our life feel that we are always with them, we will be there for them, if they ever need a shoulder to lean on, ours will always be there for them.  To your close ones, make them feel that you are always with them and how important they are to you. Nothing will change, but they will know at least someone is there. In this world of fake smiles, it needs the courage to open up and tell, “I am a weak person who’s learning to be strong, not pretending!” 

Sometimes a point comes in everybody’s life that from inside you break down. You lose that happiness to live each moment of your life, you feel the change in yourself, and you find it hard to hide your tears from others. You don’t feel the mood to do what you did once with huge interest, and you feel worthless. But that’s not the end of your life, that’s the test of time, and you have to be the winner of it. Come out and fight. Believe that you are more powerful than the situation. Some people will change. They don’t care about which phase you are going through. People will change so, do you? But you are not weak. Forgive others and move on, sing, dance, and eat whatever you want. Share your problems with the ones who really care about you and are there to listen but don’t sit idle and end up blaming yourself. From your pain others will not be affected, you are destroying yourself. Just remember you are better than this and have a long way to go. Prove yourself and prove to others! In our country, almost 90per cent of the population is suffering from depression. You cannot predict, but from inside you can also be affected by depression. I don’t know why we take it as an extreme case, why we take it as a serious matter, yes!! It can be serious if we don’t try to get rid of it.

Sometimes it becomes a major case that we need a counselor, but all the time it’s not that easy to share it with others because, as I said, we don’t understand it and make it a big issue that time we only have to become our supporters because if we don’t generate that will power within ourselves that ”Yes, I have to get out of this anyhow” we can’t cure ourselves. Sometimes our closed ones become our strength, become our pillars, which cures us in a faster way. Do whatever you like to do but understand it before it takes you under its control. It’s not a disease that should be diagnosed it’s a mental condition that it may happen to anyone; it can be you or me. There are conditions you will feel like the most worthless person. Many will judge my words as useless but the ones who have felt it can understand it properly, and I am one of them. I went to those hard phases. Just remember that it’s not a serious matter it may happen to anyone due to pressure of studies, pressure from family, or the surrounding situations that may affect you. Love yourself that nobody could hurt you that’s the best solution for everything.

Written by – Sukanya Chanda


Emergence of traditional Gurujis:

Many decades ago from today’s digitalization, when science was not so widespread, people used to believe only the miraculous power. That time medical science was so far to achieve something. The era was uncomplicated, unlike today’s world.

A group of people emerged at that time to take advantage of the simple life. They misled people by wizardry and prejudices. That time it was easy to make the belief common people. People would go to them for help in any kind of problem like snake bites, infertility, and so on. They were worshipped by common people as Guruji or the messenger of God.

But the situation has changed eventually. Science has come up with advanced forms that makes everything at hand. Medical science developed significantly. Scientists are designing novel drugs every year. People are becoming smarter day by day. They started to believe only in science instead of magic.

Where are they now who influenced people by their uncommon power? Do they still exist even in the 21st century? Have they impact on today’s generation?

The answer is BIG YES.

In some rural areas, natives still believe in exorcising the evil spirit by uttering charms and incantations. They still take patients in these so-called Gurujis if anybody is fallen sick instead of visiting doctors. Unfortunately not only village areas, even the urban world cannot get rid of this.

Social irony:

Several things are still happening in our society which proves that we have not yet become fully scientific.

People visits reputed astrologers door to door for changing the fate of their son so that he could take Science and get a secure job.

Some celebrities change their name after listening to their gurus or astrologers to turn their bad luck to good luck.

Some poor women who are unable to conceive also go to the Gurus in the hope of getting positive results.

And these Gurus are making money by taking advantage of people’s weaknesses. The astrologers are assuring to change one’s fate by suggesting wear expensive gemstones such as ruby, emerald, and coral, etc. Nowadays we see these kinds of advertisements on television.

Are gemstones really effective to change human’s fate?

Gemstones have no magical power to change one’s destiny. It helps only the person to overpower planetary effects and evil transits. Although some people disagree with the benefits of gemstones, it completely depends on human belief.

But the undesirable thing is that astrologers have started a business around it. In many cases, they have delivered fake synthetic gem which has no value for occult purposes with the price of real stones.

However, some real Gurujis still exist among many fake ones. They motivate us in every step of our life. Their words may enrich us and give us moral support. They always help us to purify the soul and try to make our minds healthy and fresh as well.

Though these kinds of Gurujis are rare nowadays, they can only help us in depression. Their influence is highly needed to overcome a mental illness which is the most common in today’s generation.

By Saswati Chattopadhyay.