Stereotypes about Beauty

By- Anshika Yadav
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The fair is lovely and the dark is mediocre. The slim is perfect and the fat is shameful.
Sadly, these are the clichés which dictated the Indian mind set, few days back.

Recently, you must have listened how massively the youth of our country raised their voices against the people promoting their own parameters of beauty. Unknown of the fact what is the beauty at its core. Either body shaming or different promotional ads shamelessly making songs etc. based on fair or dark complexion, bringing up their narrow mindedness to the society was such a norm which finally got a full stop.

The root
The latest filters, editors, Photoshop all have contributed to the unnaturally stunning looks for which all the women out there feel pressured about.
Although, there are some women who believe in being unapologetically themselves and not indulge themselves in these parameters of beauty.

Fat shaming, skin tones, pimples or acne are considered embarrassments and are playing havoc with the self esteem of women.
Some women start starving to death just because of the comparison on social media or finding them fat or chubby.
This is insane, isn’t it?
They have become conditioned to believing in the unrealistic standards of beauty which is made by the society.
They are considering their self worth by the perceptions of people.

Being dark complexioned or having acne shouldn’t give anyone an inferiority complex, and being fair doesn’t put someone in a more beautiful category.
All skin colours or tones are attractive in their own unique way.
What is their to be judgemental about?
Being size zero is not any gold standard.
What matters is, being healthy both physically and mentally. Unrealistic beauty standards need to finally stop.

What should we do?
Focus on your mental health and physical health. Eat healthily. Real beauty is what comes from within.
• Social media impacts your thinking process and tends you to believe in such fake beliefs.
• Right diet will help you think good and be good.
• It’s Time for BODY positive initiatives. One’ identity should not be swayed by social conventions.
• Self-esteem should not be connected to the judgement of society. You are what you think of yourself. Character values, civic sense, skills are the attributes contributing to your personality.
• Stay authentic, be your own kind. Never try emulating someone else’s personality. You are unique.
• Mould your statements in a positive way. Say ‘you look nice’ instead of ‘ you look good, you have lost so much weight.’
• Before coming up with a comment, pause and check if you will feel good listening the same comment yourself.

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