Summer Retreat Hill Stations in India

Hill stations have been popular in India since ancient times due to the presence of shrines and religious places, as well as for scenic beauty. During British rule, some of the hill stations near important cities in India got a new lease of life. The British could not tolerate the heat in India during theContinue reading “Summer Retreat Hill Stations in India”

Stereotypes about Beauty

By- Anshika YadavIG Page: @anshi2643 The fair is lovely and the dark is mediocre. The slim is perfect and the fat is shameful.Sadly, these are the clichés which dictated the Indian mind set, few days back. Recently, you must have listened how massively the youth of our country raised their voices against the people promotingContinue reading “Stereotypes about Beauty”


It’s hard to sit here, Among whispers And stifled giggles. Trying to start a conversation But they’re already having fun. I’m looking into a book, Avoiding all eye contact It’s been the longest time Since I’ve made a friend. Lonely in a crowd, Isn’t that what they say? I am here But I’ve lost myContinue reading “STRANGER”

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