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Written by Bhumika Bisht

COVID-19 crisis has led to changes in the daily curriculum, especially of students. For minding social distancing switching to online is effective and safe. Moving online has made various effects on everyone’s life either good or bad.
Apart from good social distancing and less interaction switching from daily routine to less interacted routine is difficult but only for the first initial days.

Is it beneficial in other aspects too?
In short term, it is beneficial as,
• It expands one’s comfort zone towards their jobs or work.
• One can keep a good track of their jobs or work.
• More time to leisure and developing hobbies.
• Less energy consuming routine is developed.
• One can become more fit due to less office stress, work hours.

However, what about the long term?

In long term, it has several less counterproductive effects:

Boredom becomes usual, work productivity takes a hit, and undisciplined environment.

Effects on students:

Discipline is most important for students and the system of online classes is not to the point of providing a well-disciplined environment, which is leaving negative results on students. According to a survey, around 64% of students are concerned with their studies after switching online.
Regular problems like lack of systems, bad internet connectivity, fewer classes than usual school classes are making it worse.
Students are being detached from their regular study patterns, some even do not attend classes regularly in spite of having good systems and good access.

How can we decrease their persisting attitude?
Parents can play a huge role by looking after their child’s study related online activities.
Students too should maintain healthy study environment to ensure good results.
Individual thinking plays important role in one’s daily routine. So students should be aware about what benefit they can retain from online sources.

So switching online is a good option to continue with but only when required as individuals can learn better when taught practically.

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