“Tomorrow is my exam, but I don’t care because a single piece of paper can’t decide my future.” – Thomas Edison.

The easiest thing in the world is to “GIVE UP” and the most difficult thing is “HOW TO OVERCOME.” The students generally got stuck between two, neither want to quit nor to survive.

Board results have already out. Some scored well and some couldn’t unfortunately. What will be next? Then someone will get the desired stream and some will not be able to do that.

Some will be rebuked by their parents for not getting good marks and some will be mocked by the so-called well-wishers which are enough to push someone towards depression.

I was failed in the entrance examination to the Swiss Federal Polytechnic school located in Zurich at the age of 16″- Albert Einstein.

Securing an average mark does not make someone useless until or unless he thinks of it.

10 ruthless truths will change your life:

· Fix your goal based on your interest, not others.

· Don’t think about the people talking behind your back.

· Take criticism as a new challenge.

· Be composed and calm.

· Control your anger issues which may lead you to a wrong path.

· Your mirror is the only friend in the world.

· It is normal to have some flaws. People hate perfection and nobody is perfect.

· Keep yourself away from the toxic people.

· Take your life as a journey. So having ups and downs are completely natural.

· Work hard until you get the best outcome.

Every hour one student commits suicide, with about 28 such suicide reported as per National Crime Record Bureau (NCBR). In most cases, depression is the main cause for a student to take such a violent.

Life is an asset and everyone needs to live the moment bit by bit. Suicide can’t be a way of escape. Failure in one examination does not prove that she or he will be a failure every single time. Poor score in a particular subject does not mean anything but only that some concepts are weaker than others. Fix that on your own. It must be remembered nobody can help you until or unless you want to achieve something in your life.

We live in a society where people are always ready to judge you but you will not find their trace when you need them most. Chanakya said, “I am thankful to those who left me because they taught me I can do it alone.”

Confidence is the only ornament you need to wear to be succeeded in life. Giving up from life does not make any sense. Take a difficult subject as a new challenge every day and start practicing it and analyze your mistakes. You might fail at the beginning but eventually, your skills will be developed.

All power is within you; you can do anything and everything.” Swami Vivekananda.

Now the decision is yours, whether you will utilize the strength to be on the top of success or leave everything and run away like a true failure. The choice is yours.

-Saswati Chattopadhyay

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