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13.1 million cases of COVID19 and 573K death worldwide, right now everyone is fighting against virus scientist and pharmaceuticals are working hard to find a cure for this pandemic they are working for late, under the pressure of controlling this infectious disease. Recently in news and social sites it was viral that Russia has become the first country to complete the testing of COVID19 on the human being and according to reports, the medication is found effective.

Chief researcher and the head of clinical research on medication at Sechenov University – Elena Smolyarchuk said to the TASS news agency of Russia that “the research has been completed and it proves that the vaccine is safe. The volunteers are safe and will be discharged on 15th and 20th July” after so much of research and out of 100 vaccines this vaccine became first to be tested on the human being and also it is been claimed that for 2 years this vaccine will help people to fight against corona not only this it builds the immune system and helps immune to fight against the virus

When we will be able to get this vaccine in the market?

Right now there is no such announcement being made regarding the marketing of vaccines for other countries also few more trials are left regarding the vaccine.

It is quite clear if the vaccine will pass all the tests then maybe before launching the vaccine into the market Russia would help to cure the people of their country from corona, as everybody first thinks of their family and natives it is normal human nature and as we all know right now everybody is facing the economic problem and right now there is a problem of money as due COVID 19  every country has been spending large amount of money in the treatment and taking care of their people and this vaccine may become a way of earning for Russia and after treating there patient they might be launching the vaccine for the other countries. Right now there is no announcement regarding entering this vaccine in the commercial product stage. Also according to WHO (World Health Organization) right now there are 21 vaccines under the key trail. Everybody is trying their best to find the cure of pandemic everyday cases are increasing rapidly and so we all have to take care of our love once and also protect ourselves from COVID 19.

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