TCS 25/25 Model

Come 2025, only 25% of TCS employees will work from the office, giving only their 25% time for work. This is the latest announcement regarding working conditions that TCS made. Currently, more than 95% of employees in TCS are working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The transition to the 25/25 model will take some time, before which most or all of the employees will be called back to the office for a short duration.

TCS termed this working model as the new ‘Future Of Work’ and has said that the hybrid models of work are here to stay, where both physical office and remote working will play an integral part. The transition will take around two years from now and will be done in a phased and flexible manner. TCS is looking forward to giving priority to employee satisfaction, which has been seen worldwide to increase productivity and accommodate a higher number of employees than their offices can sustain.

Now, what exactly is the new 25/25 policy? Firstly, TCS has made it clear that employees need not spend more than 25% of their entire day in offices. That is, working 6 hours a day at the office will be enough for an employee henceforth. Also, only 25% of the employees will work from the office simultaneously, while 75% will work remotely. This may hint towards hybrid models of working, but it may also be periodical WFO and WFH. However, TCS hasn’t announced any further details apart from these two details.

Covid-19 pandemic has made us believe work-life balance is an essential factor in our life. India, which is one of the most hard-working nations in the world, has reached its peak capacity of workload. In order to hold back employees, IT companies have started to look for alternatives to make employees work harder. Like in most other places, TCS is taking the first stride towards futuristic work, while other big and small IT companies are looking to follow.

Written by – Himadri Paul

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