The battle with Covid-19 is increasing endlessly. And you can’t do anything to save their lives once it becomes out of control. And for that, we need to be aware of the to-do list and don’t list. One of them from the to-do list is the PRONING position.

What is proning?
Proning is a positioning in which patients sleep on their stomach. The weight of your back body parts comes on your front body.
The main physiological aims of prone positioning are 1) to improve oxygenation; 2) to improve respiratory mechanics; 3) to homogenise the pleural pressure gradient, the alveolar inflation and the ventilation distribution; 4) to increase lung volume and reduce the number of atelectatic regions; 5) to facilitate the drainage of secretions, and 6) to reduce ventilator-associated lung injury.

It is advisable to perform for patients who undergo severe respiratory problems—covid-19 virus attacks directly on your lungs. Also, it decreases your immunity by respiratory failures. Due to which the oxygen level saturates, and breathing problems arise.
Moreover, the health ministry issues a list of guidelines on proning for the people in home isolation. This positioning of the body keeps the discomforts of breathing away. The church released a documentary on the ways, benefits and types of proning one can do for oxygenation. It is a method for only when the patient faces difficulty in oxygen levels, I.e., the oxygen level is less than 94.

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The ministry, however, mentions the instructions like to avoid proning for at least an hour after meals and maintaining it for only as many times as quickly tolerable. A patient can be prone for up to 16 hours a day, in multiple cycles, as they felt comfortable. According to the pressure area of process and comfort level patient may adjust pillows.
Also, you cannot do proning during certain conditions like if the patient is pregnant, heart problems, blood clot, primary cardiac disorders, unstable spine, femur, or pelvic fractures.

Moreover, the conditions of our nation are getting adversing rapidly. The more we try to come out of this situation, the more we are getting into it. So, it’s better we stay home as much as possible and do exercises to stay fit. Stay home. Stay safe.

-by Palak Thakur

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