The battle with Covid-19 is increasing endlessly. And you can’t do anything to save their lives once it becomes out of control. And for that, we need to be aware of the to-do list and don’t list. One of them from the to-do list is the PRONING position.

What is proning?
Proning is a positioning in which patients sleep on their stomach. The weight of your back body parts comes on your front body.
The main physiological aims of prone positioning are 1) to improve oxygenation; 2) to improve respiratory mechanics; 3) to homogenise the pleural pressure gradient, the alveolar inflation and the ventilation distribution; 4) to increase lung volume and reduce the number of atelectatic regions; 5) to facilitate the drainage of secretions, and 6) to reduce ventilator-associated lung injury.

It is advisable to perform for patients who undergo severe respiratory problems—covid-19 virus attacks directly on your lungs. Also, it decreases your immunity by respiratory failures. Due to which the oxygen level saturates, and breathing problems arise.
Moreover, the health ministry issues a list of guidelines on proning for the people in home isolation. This positioning of the body keeps the discomforts of breathing away. The church released a documentary on the ways, benefits and types of proning one can do for oxygenation. It is a method for only when the patient faces difficulty in oxygen levels, I.e., the oxygen level is less than 94.

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The ministry, however, mentions the instructions like to avoid proning for at least an hour after meals and maintaining it for only as many times as quickly tolerable. A patient can be prone for up to 16 hours a day, in multiple cycles, as they felt comfortable. According to the pressure area of process and comfort level patient may adjust pillows.
Also, you cannot do proning during certain conditions like if the patient is pregnant, heart problems, blood clot, primary cardiac disorders, unstable spine, femur, or pelvic fractures.

Moreover, the conditions of our nation are getting adversing rapidly. The more we try to come out of this situation, the more we are getting into it. So, it’s better we stay home as much as possible and do exercises to stay fit. Stay home. Stay safe.

-by Palak Thakur


On one side, the second wave has started waving India in a significantly worse manner. And on the other side, some people are resisting vaccination. They don’t want to get vaccination due to some reasons, in which 80% are irrelevant and rumours.
Let’s watch out for the reasons below-

If you think that vaccination has nothing to do with protecting the virus of COVID-19, you need to change your opinion. Although, there is no guarantee that you can’t be tested positive after vaccination. But it fights with the virus and increases the immunity by 70% if exposed to the virus.


Suppose you live with senior citizens or people who have severe diseases, such as diabetes, blood pressure, high sugar. The virus grip on them very quickly. So, you can protect yourselves as well as the people around you. This virus ends with fatal results with people already dealing with other diseases.

An illustration of a family wearing masks within a glass dome, protected by virus cells outside.

The more vaccination successes, the faster everything will be back to normal. The progress of vaccination and recoveries depends upon people. How much awareness do they show and spread? With every single person getting vaccinated, we are moving towards our regular fine days.


One of the reasons is that people are afraid of the side effects or any harm they will face after vaccination. Hearsay is spreading all over social media about the vaccine. It contains some live virus, or the diabetic people or people having high sugar should not take it or alter your DNA and many more like that. One thing you should know is that if different governments are distributing it nationally or internationally, they suggest it after a brief study by thousands of doctors and researchers.

The genuine effects after taking the vaccine can be a mild fever, headache, sore muscles or tiredness. And it only lasts from some minutes to an hour or maximum a day.


This reason is a total myth! No theory reveals that if you are getting the vaccination, it will affect your fertility. There is no theoretical reason that the vaccine destroys fertility.


It is nowhere claim that once you are vaccinated, you cannot be tested positive for Covid-19. You have to continue wearing masks and maintain social distancing until everything gets back to normal.

The vaccine does not assure your 100% safety. You can still grip over the virus after you get the vaccine. The vaccine is to help you fight the virus if you get close to it. The wholesome safety of you and your family is in your hands.

Also, vaccines for people above 18 years are to be out after 1st May.

Get yourself vaccinated if you haven’t yet. Stay safe. Stay home today, so you can out tomorrow.

-by Palak Thakur


“Health is wealth” is not a phrase but a whole lesson one should know. One should always focus on BEING FIT. In today’s scenario, we see people struggling with a severe health issue. So, what do you think? What’s the reason behind it? Simple! We are not taking our health seriously, sorry! Good health, seriously.

Nowadays, being healthy has not lasted as a choice, but it has become a necessity. A healthy life can give you a better future. And an unhealthy life can give you a burden, not only on you but it also affects people surrounding you.

Moreover, that’s is something you cannot buy; you are the only one to maintain or to destroy it. That’s the exact reason why people having good health, diet and physique are always appreciated everywhere because all know that good health is something a bit not easy to maintain in our today’s harsh and rush life, but it’s worth it.

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Moreover, it helps to stable mentally, physically and socially. It significantly helps to keep your mind and heart young, which is, of course, some more necessary than the body. Because the decisions you take, the emotions you display, the way you react are indirectly all dependent on your well-being.

Apart from any disabilities, your good health choice also defines the life you live and the character you play in your day-to-day life. So, the only way to stay fit is a good diet, regular exercise, yoga, better hygiene. Being healthy isn’t about bodybuilding but being fit.

Moreover, Some pro tips you can use to stay fit in this lockdown can be-
Forward lunges
Lateral lunges
Walking lunges
Jump rope

It helps to tighten your muscled, burn calories and
And after that, most importantly, you must do your yoga daily.

It is a medicine in itself which keeps the body healthy.
Also, a good diet helps you a lot which includes-

green vegetables
ragi in your roti
to add more nutrients to your dishes.

This lockdown and Covid-19 have taught people to focus on good health. The situation is getting worse, and it is our responsibility to be aware and aware of others. So, that we all can win these extreme health battles together.

-By Palak Thakur


An encounter on Saturday 3rd April 2021 martyred as many as 22 soldiers and 31 sustained injuries in the meeting with Naxals in Chhattisgarh. 1 soldier is still missing. The rapid growth of corona in Chhattisgarh was not less than this sad news arrived.

Director-General, CRPF, Kuldiep Singh, reached Chhattisgarh this morning to take stock of the situation. CRPF ADG (HQ) Zulfiqar Hassan and IG (Operations) Nalin Prabhat are also on the ground in Chhattisgarh. Security forces have launched an operation along the Sukma-Bijapur border, where an intense face-off resulted in the deaths of 22 soldiers.

Maoists were using machine guns, rocket launchers to target forces. Officials told that the Maoists flee away with weapons, bullet-proof jackets, and even dead soldiers’ shoes. On Sunday morning, all paid these martyred soldiers tribute in the line of action at the force’s camp in Jagdalpur.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel offered sympathy to the martyrs’ family.

martyred soldiers tribute in the line of action at the force’s camp in Jagdalpur

Condoling the security personnel’s death, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said we would never forget their sacrifices on Saturday.

All the 31 injured soldiers shifted immediately to the Bijapur hospital after the incident, and then the security and doctors moved seven soldiers to Raipur hospital. However, security forces estimate that over 15 Maoists are over in the encounter.

A group of 60-80 armed Maoists led by Chandranna was spotted in Bijapur shortly before the attack.
Also, Security forces were on alert after Naxal commander Hidma was spotted in Bijapur in March of this year. Hidma carries a reward of Rs 25 lakh on his head.
Hidma is also accusing to be behind the March 2017 attack in Sukma, where 25 CRPF soldiers killed in action during an encounter with Maoists.
We hope the families stay strong.

-by Palak Thakur


On Feb. 18 2021, NASA’s Mars rover, namely perseverance, takes its final approach to the Red Planet. It is the ninth flight of NASA towards the red planet.
Mars Close Approach is recorded to be on Oct. 6, 2020, towards Earth
That is the point when Mars’ orbit when it comes closest to Earth, this time at about 62.07 million kilometres from our planet. Mars was visible for much of the night in the southern sky at about midnight.

Although, the main aim or technical reason behind going to the red planet is astrobiology. Including searching for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet’s whole geography and history. Paving the chance of human life and exploration on Mars and be the first agency to launch a mission to collect Martian rock and regolith.

This image shows the flight zone of NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter from the perspective of NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover

“We expect the best places to look for any measurable phenomena indicating the presence of life would be in Jezero’s lakebed or in shoreline sediments. So that could be covered with carbonate minerals. They are especially good at preserving certain kinds of fossilized life on Earth,” said Ken Williford, deputy project scientist for the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission at JPL.

“But after that, as we search for evidence of ancient microbes on an ancient alien world, it’s important to keep an open mind.”
Also, In cooperation with ESA (European Space Agency), subsequent NASA missions will send spacecraft to collect these sealed samples for much significant analysis.
Therefore, the Mars 2020 Perseverance mission is part of NASA’s Moon to Mars exploration approach. It includes Artemis missions to the Moon that will help prepare for human exploration of the Red Planet.
The Mars 2020 mission is a part of a larger NASA initiative that includes assignments to the Moon to prepare for human life and much more of the Red Planet.

-by Palak Thakur