Coping with corona

man in yellow protective suit

We are once again in the same war with corona. If we look back we earthlings have already gone through many wars. We daily face wars that are within us. War of getting the first rank in schools, war of topping the college, getting into dream college and then getting the best package. Every day is war here and then suddenly comes the daddy of wars CORONA.

We have already gone through a lot last year due to this pandemic.

And yes surely will go through more. But if we go back our ancestors have all seen wars whether it was getting independent or if we go more back than Mahabharata. The war lasted for 18 days. There was chaos all around. But we don’t have to focus on the consequences. We just need to know what the best thing we got from Mahabharata was.

Yes, you are right Bhagavad Geeta. A book which can help you in every aspect of your life. As it says it is all in your mind. So just make peace with yourself in your mind first and then see what are going to be the outcomes of Corona.

Many people lost their jobs and found their passion.

Many people lost their love and found themselves.

Nature is healing. Birds are once again singing

Till then lets complete 14 days quarantine when Shree Ram can complete 14 year in forest then I think we can in our home can totally do it.

And let’s wait for Sanjeevani butti to arrive

We are getting more cautious, earlier we just used to hand wash when we remember it. But now washing hands is a priority, little changes are the only reason will get through this.

So stop making it big every time. Find happiness in little things.

Spend this time with your parents because once things will get back to normal you will not be able to play with your kids .

When corona will end, find your positivity because you learn every day from everything and learning is important

Written by Dharini Dadhich

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