Body Shaming

Now a days Body Shaming has bacome very much common. We always judge people on their looks. We doesn’t look at their Talent or anything else we always notice that how they look. And that’s why people started criticising their own appearance, through a judgement or comparison. They started thinking that they are the ugliest of all the people. Criticising others appearance without their knowledge is not good. People are always too thin too fat, too tall, too dark or too fair for the society & it has repercussions that are not even realised in everyday life. Body Shaming affects mental & physical health. Body shamers don’t spare any one- be it celebrities or normal people. What Body shamers don’t understand is that this practice stems from a problem with their outlook& perspective which could alsa be the reason for a mental disorder fir themself not jus for the people who are being shamed. A body shamers may end up cricising his her own appearance & have trouble accepting their own body for what it is. Body Shaming also lead to anxiety, depression & social isolation. People with anxieties tend to overthink everything & when it comes to remark about their bodies. So we should not Body shame others. Every body is beautiful in themself and we are no one to judge them. Self love is the most important thing we should learn to love……

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