Body Shaming

Now a days Body Shaming has bacome very much common. We always judge people on their looks. We doesn’t look at their Talent or anything else we always notice that how they look. And that’s why people started criticising their own appearance, through a judgement or comparison. They started thinking that they are the ugliest of all the people. Criticising others appearance without their knowledge is not good. People are always too thin too fat, too tall, too dark or too fair for the society & it has repercussions that are not even realised in everyday life. Body Shaming affects mental & physical health. Body shamers don’t spare any one- be it celebrities or normal people. What Body shamers don’t understand is that this practice stems from a problem with their outlook& perspective which could alsa be the reason for a mental disorder fir themself not jus for the people who are being shamed. A body shamers may end up cricising his her own appearance & have trouble accepting their own body for what it is. Body Shaming also lead to anxiety, depression & social isolation. People with anxieties tend to overthink everything & when it comes to remark about their bodies. So we should not Body shame others. Every body is beautiful in themself and we are no one to judge them. Self love is the most important thing we should learn to love……

Obesity a Preventable Desease

Obesity is a common and preventable Desease. And people now a days facing this problem because everyone one is so busy in their work that thay are not taking care of themself. It is often major risk factor for the development of several non-communicable Deseases& premature Death. Obese children are more likely than thapie non- obese counterparts to grow into obese adults. Obesity is serious because it is associated with poor health outcomes & reduced Quality of life. But it is not the desease which can’t be prevented by doing some physical Activity by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people lead as much more sedentary lifestyle then thair parents & grand parents did
Ex of Sedentary habits include:. 1 Working in an office rather than doing manual labour. 2 Going to the place by car instead of walking or cycling. Some illeness may lead to obesity or weight gain. These may include Cushing’s desease & polycystic ovary syndrome. Obesity is very bad for health it can cause:. 1 High. Blood• Pressure. 2Type 2 Desease. 3 Low Quality of life. So The only way for preventing obesity is to take care of our health by eating right thing & By doing Some physical Activities….

INDIAN Migrant workers during the Covid19

Indian migrant workers during the Covid19 pandemic have faced multiple hardships with factories & Workplaces shut down due to the lockdown imposed in the country. Million of workers had to deal with loss of Income,food shortage. Many of them started walking to their home because of no means of Transport due to lockdown. Many of the workers died due to road Accident. The risk is particularly higher for those who are working in unorganised sector & those who don’t have writer Contract. On the other hand, Lockdown &p Social Distancing measures are drying up jobs& income, whereas they are likely to disrupt agriculture production. Migrant workers here also feeling challenges related to health care. They are not getting proper treatment. Their access to food shelter, water, sanitization & was almost entirely compromised during the lock down. The Survey showed that 69% of workers wanted to come back to the cities again on the relaxation of the lockdown by the month of June.

Depression is not a shame…

Depression is not unique Topic which you were listening first time. Every one is facing this problem but this is not the problem which can’t be treated. But problem is people do’ not want to Treat this problem because they are thinking about people that if thay will tell them that they are having depression, So they will be consider as mad people & No. Body will talk to them & also Ignore them. But that’s not true For ex= If we were having fever So we take medicine for this or we will go to the doctor & we are not ashamed of it. Same we can do with depression. We can treat it by talking to our family members, friends or any closed once but if do’ not want to talk to them So we can also consider a Therepist & tell him our problem. So that we can overcome from it. We try to be physically fit by doing exercise and by going to the gym. Our mental fitness is equally important as our physical fitness. We should also take care of our mental fitness by doing meditation & by doing what we love to do. Don’t be ashamed of seekhing help on your road recovery. As recovery is remembering who you are & using your strength to become all that you were meant to be. By seekhing the help through self-care & Theraphy, you will begin to find your self again. Mental health is as important as our physical health….

How rural girls are fighting Menstruation taboos

The menstruation is one of the important change that occurs in Girls during Adolescence years. The first menstruation period occur between the age of 11-15. In many parts of the country. Girls are not even aware of that. They didn’t even know what is menstruation. What they have to do in this time. So they face difficulties at school & home. Specially in Rural areas Girls have little or no knowledge about menstruation. They only know what there parents told them. Some people also tell about Menstruation in a negative way. At the time of Menstruation you can’t cook food,you can’t go to temple. These restrictions are due to overall perception of people. In rural areas people think that it is very negative. And all the mistake is of girls only. It is a natural process.And it is process which every girl has to face. So how this can be the mistake of girls. So why thay have to face the restrictions. Due to cultural and Religious belief Menstruation is referred as Dirty & even unholy. Menstruation is not even openly talked in families or at school. The topic is not even discussed in classroom because Teachers themself also feel ashamed about it. The things which needs to be done is all women should be granted access to Quality Sanitary-pad. And Girls should be aware that menstruation is a normal process which is happening in their body. And there is nothing to be ashamed for it.