Body Shaming

Now a days Body Shaming has bacome very much common. We always judge people on their looks. We doesn’t look at their Talent or anything else we always notice that how they look. And that’s why people started criticising their own appearance, through a judgement or comparison. They started thinking that they are the ugliestContinue reading “Body Shaming”

Obesity a Preventable Desease

Obesity is a common and preventable Desease. And people now a days facing this problem because everyone one is so busy in their work that thay are not taking care of themself. It is often major risk factor for the development of several non-communicable Deseases& premature Death. Obese children are more likely than thapie non-Continue reading “Obesity a Preventable Desease”

INDIAN Migrant workers during the Covid19

Indian migrant workers during the Covid19 pandemic have faced multiple hardships with factories & Workplaces shut down due to the lockdown imposed in the country. Million of workers had to deal with loss of Income,food shortage. Many of them started walking to their home because of no means of Transport due to lockdown. Many ofContinue reading “INDIAN Migrant workers during the Covid19”

Depression is not a shame…

Depression is not unique Topic which you were listening first time. Every one is facing this problem but this is not the problem which can’t be treated. But problem is people do’ not want to Treat this problem because they are thinking about people that if thay will tell them that they are having depression,Continue reading “Depression is not a shame…”

How rural girls are fighting Menstruation taboos

The menstruation is one of the important change that occurs in Girls during Adolescence years. The first menstruation period occur between the age of 11-15. In many parts of the country. Girls are not even aware of that. They didn’t even know what is menstruation. What they have to do in this time. So theyContinue reading “How rural girls are fighting Menstruation taboos”