How rural girls are fighting Menstruation taboos

The menstruation is one of the important change that occurs in Girls during Adolescence years. The first menstruation period occur between the age of 11-15. In many parts of the country. Girls are not even aware of that. They didn’t even know what is menstruation. What they have to do in this time. So they face difficulties at school & home. Specially in Rural areas Girls have little or no knowledge about menstruation. They only know what there parents told them. Some people also tell about Menstruation in a negative way. At the time of Menstruation you can’t cook food,you can’t go to temple. These restrictions are due to overall perception of people. In rural areas people think that it is very negative. And all the mistake is of girls only. It is a natural process.And it is process which every girl has to face. So how this can be the mistake of girls. So why thay have to face the restrictions. Due to cultural and Religious belief Menstruation is referred as Dirty & even unholy. Menstruation is not even openly talked in families or at school. The topic is not even discussed in classroom because Teachers themself also feel ashamed about it. The things which needs to be done is all women should be granted access to Quality Sanitary-pad. And Girls should be aware that menstruation is a normal process which is happening in their body. And there is nothing to be ashamed for it.

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