Obesity a Preventable Desease

Obesity is a common and preventable Desease. And people now a days facing this problem because everyone one is so busy in their work that thay are not taking care of themself. It is often major risk factor for the development of several non-communicable Deseases& premature Death. Obese children are more likely than thapie non- obese counterparts to grow into obese adults. Obesity is serious because it is associated with poor health outcomes & reduced Quality of life. But it is not the desease which can’t be prevented by doing some physical Activity by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people lead as much more sedentary lifestyle then thair parents & grand parents did
Ex of Sedentary habits include:. 1 Working in an office rather than doing manual labour. 2 Going to the place by car instead of walking or cycling. Some illeness may lead to obesity or weight gain. These may include Cushing’s desease & polycystic ovary syndrome. Obesity is very bad for health it can cause:. 1 High. Blood• Pressure. 2Type 2 Desease. 3 Low Quality of life. So The only way for preventing obesity is to take care of our health by eating right thing & By doing Some physical Activities….

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