INDIAN Migrant workers during the Covid19

Indian migrant workers during the Covid19 pandemic have faced multiple hardships with factories & Workplaces shut down due to the lockdown imposed in the country. Million of workers had to deal with loss of Income,food shortage. Many of them started walking to their home because of no means of Transport due to lockdown. Many of the workers died due to road Accident. The risk is particularly higher for those who are working in unorganised sector & those who don’t have writer Contract. On the other hand, Lockdown &p Social Distancing measures are drying up jobs& income, whereas they are likely to disrupt agriculture production. Migrant workers here also feeling challenges related to health care. They are not getting proper treatment. Their access to food shelter, water, sanitization & was almost entirely compromised during the lock down. The Survey showed that 69% of workers wanted to come back to the cities again on the relaxation of the lockdown by the month of June.

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