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Depression is not a shame…

Depression is not unique Topic which you were listening first time. Every one is facing this problem but this is not the problem which can’t be treated. But problem is people do’ not want to Treat this problem because they are thinking about people that if thay will tell them that they are having depression, So they will be consider as mad people & No. Body will talk to them & also Ignore them. But that’s not true For ex= If we were having fever So we take medicine for this or we will go to the doctor & we are not ashamed of it. Same we can do with depression. We can treat it by talking to our family members, friends or any closed once but if do’ not want to talk to them So we can also consider a Therepist & tell him our problem. So that we can overcome from it. We try to be physically fit by doing exercise and by going to the gym. Our mental fitness is equally important as our physical fitness. We should also take care of our mental fitness by doing meditation & by doing what we love to do. Don’t be ashamed of seekhing help on your road recovery. As recovery is remembering who you are & using your strength to become all that you were meant to be. By seekhing the help through self-care & Theraphy, you will begin to find your self again. Mental health is as important as our physical health….

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