The first rain of June 2018…..

I was sitting on the windowpane and a voice came from kitchen, “Beta, kuch kha le”

I did not respond,

Little did my mom know about my mood,but she did not force me further.

With dark circles under my eyes, a sore throat and a face of confused expressions as if something was rushing against my heart and a thousand questions were popping up in my mind. I was starring outside the window, not knowing where to stop.

It suddenly started raining,apparently as they say ,that were the first rains of the year 2018.It was July 17.

“Tu baarish mein bhigne nahi gayi?”,my best friend who was about to visit me entered into my house asking me this..

“Nahi”,I silently whispered and faked a smile trying to hide the pain that  I was carrying after my breakup.She was reading me silently maybe,we both smiled a lot, talked for hours and it was her time to leave.I went along with her downstairs to wave a goodbye, but instead she asked me again,”Tujhe sachme nahi bhigna? I really miss that girl who used to get crazy to get wet in the first rains..”She smiled and went away. I came back to my normal place thinking that I miss myself too and started starring out of the window again. A little later, a small girl calling all her friends distracted me from my thoughts. She called everyone to get wet in the rain, yet no one came.

“Akeli bhigkar kya karogi beta?”, an aunty interrupted!

“Mujhe ye baarishein mein bhigne se bhot khushi milti hai,aur mai akele rahu ya kisike sath,bhigna thodi na chhodungi!”

These words of hers hit my mind and heart with some strange feeling..

Now, I really started missing myself and remembered the time I used to get wet in the rain without thinking anything, dancing like a free spirited child.

Thoughts started overflowing my mind…

“Kitna waqt hogaya baarish mein bhigkar,

Main kisime itna ulajh gayi ki maine baarish me bhigna chhod diya,

Vo ladki jo mummy ke awaaz ke bhi pehle kitchen mein phonch jaati thi aaj khana khana bhul gayi…

Kisike chhod jaanese mai itna badal kaise gayi?

Vo ladki jo sabko hasaya karti thi aur chup hone ka naam nahi leti thi, usne bolna hi chhod diya tha

Kitna badal chuka hai sab kuch”

I wondered, talking to myself!

But seeing that little girl, I could not stop my selves and I reached my terrace and started getting wet,I danced, I could literally feel the peace that getting wet in the rains was giving me,I was seeing the leaves of the plants shining and the winds flowing without any stops, shayad life bhi kuch aisi hi hoti hai, rukti thodi na hai, par un hawao ko bhi vahi mehsus kar sakta hai jo khudko dhundne nikla ho,

Finally, I discovered the kid within me again, went under the roofs, took a selfie of myself and sent it to my best friend with a text message,”See,I was missing myself too and so I brought myself back with an emoji expressing laughter and happiness!

Getting wet in the rain brings a different kind of peace.

“You know, rains don’t care about how harsh the summer has been and still rebounce every year with more intensity,

In the same way, situations can be harsh and even confusing, but you have to be the rains that bring peace to yourself doing the things you love, with or without your loved ones,and rebounce back because life goes on!”

“Baaki ek baat to bolni padegi, ye bestfriends ko sab pata hota hai ki kaise apne dosto se kya karwana hai !”

Everything going around you has a lot to teach you if you know to pay attention!

Payal Rohra

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  1. Don’t Change Yourself Because Of Someone Who Never Cared About You Genuinely.

    Do Everything You Love, Keep Dancing In Rain.


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