The Black and White photo

“Shauryam Daksham Yuddhe” A soldier lying cold in a coffin witnessed the words from her mourning daughter, While a mother had lost her son While a wife had lost her husband, her best friend A daughter had lost her favourite teacher, her dad Mate soldiers had lost their one-man army with the most ‘Josh.’ WhileContinue reading “The Black and White photo”

The first rain of June 2018…..

I was sitting on the windowpane and a voice came from kitchen, “Beta, kuch kha le” I did not respond, Little did my mom know about my mood,but she did not force me further. With dark circles under my eyes, a sore throat and a face of confused expressions as if something was rushing againstContinue reading “The first rain of June 2018…..”

Tumhare Sky ka Colour Koi Aur Nahi Decide Kar Sakta

– (The Sky is Pink) The moment I came across this dialogue from the movie “The Sky is Pink”, which ultimately means that “No one has the right to decide the colour of your sky”, my mind just struck with a million thoughts and the million dreams that I see along the days with myContinue reading “Tumhare Sky ka Colour Koi Aur Nahi Decide Kar Sakta”