The Black and White photo

“Shauryam Daksham Yuddhe”

A soldier lying cold in a coffin witnessed the words from her mourning daughter,

While a mother had lost her son

While a wife had lost her husband, her best friend

A daughter had lost her favourite teacher, her dad

Mate soldiers had lost their one-man army with the most ‘Josh.’

While Mother India witnessed the loss of one more saviour,

Another one was promising the safety of his country by saluting for the parade on the other ground,

The heaviness of the winds told the stories of the war

It was more sacrificing when it came to staying far 

Who would have known that the evening phone call would make his family hear his voice for the one last time?

Who would have known that the story teller of his kids would become a part of the stories in histories?

Who would have told his mother, who used to get worried with little blood flowing from his skin, that her son would come one day wrapped into the tricolour complaining,

Complaining that he did not give up on the nation 

He fought till his last breath, but a bullet from his country’s opponent stole his last breath.

Who would have known that the soldier who kept a photo of his family and starred at it every time would one day become the black and white photo hanging on the wall?

Some warriors fight for lives across the borders, while some protect lives standing on the borders.

“Vande Mataram”

A salute to all dear soldiers

Written by – Payal Rohra

The writer can be reached out at –

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