Election during Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has decreased to a few isolated pockets in India. But since the start of March, it has spread quite rapidly in those pockets. Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka are some of the states experiencing a steady rise in the number of Covid-19 cases. Many states are already planning to impose lockdown in containment zones due to a sudden spike in the number of corona cases. However, the elections are knocking on the door of some states, which should be executed as per the Election Commission of India.

It is thus essential to maintain Covid-19 safety guidelines while voting. Despite the pandemic, it is always recommended to vote as a citizen of India. Here are some safety measures that you should follow while giving your vote on the poll day.

1)Avoid Overcrowding :

Overcrowding in poll booths can easily be avoided. Maintain a safe distance between voters. Don’t participate in any heated arguments, vandalism, gathering, if any. Maintain social distancing as much as possible.

2)Mask and Sanitizer :

Wear a mask and carry a sanitizer with you to the polling booth. Make sure to clean your hands, feet, and face well after you reach home.

3)Voting in Lean Hours :

You can opt for voting in the time you feel will be less likely to attract people. Lean hours occur very early in the morning and during and after lunchtime. Evening time before the poll ends are also crowd-free.

4)Maintain the Line :

Do not break the line or create chaos. This will create unnecessary crowding. Instead, follow the instructions carefully to find your allocated room.

5)Avoid Gossips :

Gossips are very common in the poll booth, especially as everyone wants to know the status of polls, latest news. But this time, it is better to stay away from such gossips with your fellow voters as those causes many more people come close to overhear you.

6)Police to Help :

If required, get help from the police, or the army, or any security personnel as they are likely to guide you better. Going to other fellow voters is likely to cause more chaos and confusion.

7)Do not Panic : If you notice, or overhear violence in the area, do not panic. Most of the time, what you overhear are rumors. Keep to main roads where police are likely to patrol. Stay away from violence as much as possible, and inform the security, who are likely to solve situations better.

Elections are underway for Vidhan Sabha in West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Puducherry. There are also a few parliamentary by-elections and assembly by-elections in other states this year. Campaigns are going on at full rate in every corner of the polling states. If you happen to be a party worker, make sure you maintain Covid-19 protocols while campaigning for your leader. Elections of other countries like USA or Poland are setting examples of how to carry out the election process.

We always hope for a peaceful election. This time, we also hope the elections are not the cause of Covid-19 spreading in the area causing deaths. Overcome all fears, give your vote, maintain all Covid-19 protocols, and set an example to all others around you.

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Written by Himadri Paul

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