Success stories without education

There are many success stories that had been ideal without formal education.

One of the greatest examples is Steven Paul Jobs popularly known as Steve Jobs, co-founder of one of the most demanding and popular MNC- Apple, a great activist, and successful entrepreneur. He dropped out of Reed after just one semester but created the first successful computer and over the years helped introduce numerous revolutionary products such as Macbook iPod, iPhone, and iPad all along with its own operating system -iOS.

Another noticeable example we have is Albert Einstein. Yes, the man whose name now equates to genius, who published more than 300 scientific papers, the man behind the theory of relativity ‘E=mc2’, and the man who won a Nobel prize was in fact a high school dropout. He attempted to get into university but initially failed the entrance exams. He eventually made it to college but the simple fact of the matter is that the greatest mind of the twentieth-century was in fact a high school dropout.

Few other examples are:


Abraham Lincoln, former US President is more or less self-educated but is a political prodigy.


William Shakespeare produced some of the best-loved works the world has ever known, from Romeo & Juliet to Macbeth. But he never received much by way of formal education.


Henry Ford- the owner of the US automobile industry Ford, who left at age of seventeen without any formal education and became an apprentice with a machinist in Detroit which later led to the formation of the company ‘Ford’.


Mark Twain, most beloved American writer, and humorist in history.


John D. Rockefeller, a famous billionaire. And the list would go on.

All these people had put the age-old belief that education or certification is necessary for success in life to shame. They stood as an exception to the popular myth.

Deepali K.

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