India at Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics at Beijing is underway from 4th February, 2022. After 91 events, participated by 2,871 contestants, the Winter Olympics will come to an end on 20th February, 2022. Amidst controversy over honouring the PLA over Galwan Valley skirmishes, India’s lone participant, Arif Khan hopes for a good performance. India’s venture into theContinue reading “India at Beijing Winter Olympics 2022”

Paralympic Games – What is it?

Paralympic Games are periodic series of international multi-sport events involving athletes, who are physically disabled in some way. The Paralympic Games are organized a few days after the Summer Olympic Games. The Paralympic Games are held in the same venue as the Summer Olympics. For example, the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics was followed by theContinue reading “Paralympic Games – What is it?”

If today was the last day of my life, what I am going to do today?

This famous Steve Job’s question is one of the most outstanding questions ever asked. “If today was the last day of my life, would I do what I am about to do today?” Not many of us may have an answer to this million-dollar question. We are so busy in everyday life that we forgetContinue reading “If today was the last day of my life, what I am going to do today?”


A Great author ROY T. BENNETT said that – YOU NEVER CHANGE YOUR LIFE UNTIL YOU STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORTABLE ZONE; CHANGES BEGINS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORTABLE ZONE. I agree with this statement as it said that if you don’t come out from your comfortable zone until then; you don’t achieve whatContinue reading “COME OUT FROM YOUR COMFORT ZONE”

Success stories without education

There are many success stories that had been ideal without formal education. One of the greatest examples is Steven Paul Jobs popularly known as Steve Jobs, co-founder of one of the most demanding and popular MNC- Apple, a great activist, and successful entrepreneur. He dropped out of Reed after just one semester but created theContinue reading “Success stories without education”

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